Sepia Spell – The Entrance


Entrance to the Grotto of Emmanuel Park, Berlin 2016


First of all: I want to apologize for not having blogged in over a week! And also for not responding as quickly as usual to all your lovely comments! And for not having read, liked or commented on your blog posts this last week!

I´m really, really sorry about all  that!!!

The reason for all this is, that I started on a new job past week and have been also facing some major technical problems with my PC – it crashed and rests in Cyber Heaven now😦

I hope to catch up with all of you and your wonderful blogs very soon! I already miss them and you very much!!🙂

In the picture above you can see the entrance of the Grotto I´ve been already showing you so many pics before. As for the motive, I thought it only appropriate given my current situation with entering a new world…eh job😉


Wish you all a very beautiful weekend!!!❤



“Do you know this man???”



No, I haven´t changed my profession and joined the profiling specialists of the FBI, I merely am practicing the art of drawing profiles now.😉

As it happens it´s not as easy as I first thought. It´s just as equally important to get all the proportions right as with a full-front portrait, otherwise you can´t recognize the person being portrayed.

So, my question for you today – and I very much hope that you enjoy this kind of riddle😉 – is:

Do you know from which famous painting/man I took the liberty to make a sketch from with the picture above?? (Here´s a clue: it´s italian and from the early Renaissance.)

Please feel free to suggest anything that comes to your mind! I´ll be looking very much forward to it😀 The winner gets full boasting rights for at least a week😉


As with the drawing below, it depicts one of my friends who graciously allowed me to use him as a model – luckily for him drawing profiles doesn´t take as long as a real portrait😉



A Storm´s Coming…

Kopie von IMG_3650

Clouds over Tempelhofer Feld, looking west (July 2016)


As is often the case in summer, I´ve been on a short round on my bike at the former airport “Tempelhofer Feld” a couple of weeks ago when suddenly the clouds that started gathering in the west, rapidly came nearer.

I made a few pictures and went home as fast as possible. Literally two minutes after I shut the door behind me, rain started to pound down!

I´m showing you these pictures because in my mind clouds can be wonderful pieces of art created by nature and I never can stop marvelling at their beauty (or look for hidden creatures and pictures😉 ). Also my friend Su – a fantastic photographer! – over at Zimmerbitch encouraged me to share my pics😉

(So, if anyone´s to blame, it´s her!😉 )

The whole scenario on the field reminded me of a poem I just read by one of my favourite poets, Robert Frost.

Kopie von IMG_3640

Tempelhofer Feld, looking north (August 2016)


Storm Fear by Robert Frost

When the wind works against us in the dark,
And pelts with snow
The lower chamber window on the east,
And whispers with a sort of stifled bark,
The beast,
‘Come out! Come out!’–
It costs no inward struggle not to go,
Ah, no!
I count our strength,
Two and a child,
Those of us not asleep subdued to mark
How the cold creeps as the fire dies at length,–
How drifts are piled,
Dooryard and road ungraded,
Till even the comforting barn grows far away,
And my heart owns a doubt
Whether ’tis in us to arise with day

And save ourselves unaided.


Kopie von IMG_3636


Do you know any storm or rain related poems you´d like to share?


Kopie von IMG_3644

A Pair of Puffins

Kopie von IMG_3854

A Pair of Puffins (acrylic on canvas; 30×24 cm; August 2016)


Thanks to cutting back a little from blogging, I managed to finish my latest painting – A Pair of Puffins – that I started a couple of months ago! (Usually it takes a month per painting.)

Puffins are one of my very, v e r y favourite birds and I´ve always been – and always will be – in love with them (luckily my boyfriend doesn´t mind😉 ).

The striking colourful beaks are partly shed off after breeding season and appear much smaller and duller in comparison. As you can see, my puffins are still in full swing😉 They are also known to form long-time pair bonds or relationships.

If you want to know more about these fabulous birds, you could go to Wikipedia of course, or – and that´s a special recommendation😉 – visit this wonderful blog by my friend Inese! She´s written some very beautiful blog posts about these lovely birds and made lots of terrific shots that I can´t keep from gazing at🙂

One Lovely Blog Award

I´ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by my awesome friend Shay-lon over at Staying healthy isn´t a crime (btw: great blog title, isn´t it?). Thank you sooooo much Shay-lon!!!🙂

Please visit her truly amazing blog – Shay-lon writes wonderfully about many things considering health and fitness, shares her knowledge with us and generally is such a lovely person!! I´m very proud to call her my friend!🙂

Her latest hobby seems to be awarding me for every possible Blog Award or Challenge, and I´ll be very busy the next weeks to get them all done😉


The Rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them (done!)
  • Share 7-15 facts about yourself (going to!)
  • Nominate 9-15 bloggers you admire and contact them to let them know (likewise)

Facts about me:

  • I´ve studied art history and archeology.
  • I belong to a very small minority of people who learned latin a n d ancient greek at school.
  • So far I haven´t painted in oil yet (only in acrylic) because it´s much more smellier and expensive.
  • I´m neither a vegetarian nor a vegan but eat any kind of meat very rarely anyway.
  • I´d love to have a tattoo but utterly fail at deciding on the design and therefore very likely will never get one.
  • I still prefer to go to the real cinema every once in a while instead of home-cinema.
  • I like wearing hats but am still missing a nice Indiana Jones-like Fedora.
  • Any fresh croissant in a 50 mile radius isn´t safe from me.
  • I once coloured my hair red in an attempt to look like Kate Winslet in “Titanic” but ended up looking like a popular german cartoon character called “Pumuckl”. Quite needless to say that I ran to the drugstore next morning and coloured it right back😉
  • I like watching documentaries – to learn something while you´re watching TV is just awesome.
  • I like reading books about mountaineering but never “climbed” higher than 800m.


My nominees for the award:

Sepia Spell – Flight of Stairs


Koernerpark, Berlin Neukölln (2016)


This is one of the four entrances to the park I´ve introduced you to last week.

The Koernerpark is situated below street level, so you have to walk down these beautiful flight of stairs to get to the garden area.

Somehow this does always make me feel like a movie star😉


Also, today is my first blog anniversary here on WordPress!!! (Somehow I totally missed this date and haven´t prepared anything special! So sorry about that!)


A Chinese Character



This new portrait study gives you a hint as to where I want to travel to someday😉

I´ve always been fascinated by Asia, especially China and Japan and remember with startling clarity giving impressions of a japanese dancer before family members when I was very young. In order to do so, I borrowed my mom´s kimono-styled dressing gown and painted my lips generously with her lipstick and sang nonsense syllables in a very high voice and embarrasingly out of tune😉

Do you remember doing something similar when you were a child??

Sepia Spell – Wedding Bells



I stumbled over this lovely scene while I was enjoying a walk through one of my favourite parks here in Berlin, the Körnerpark. It´s a very small park compared to many others but it has been beautifully designed (around 1912-1916) and reminds me everytime of one place or another in northern Italy.

It´s situated in Berlin-Neukölln, a district that went through many changes in the past years, from a so called “Ghetto” to a very hip and trendy art community, a bit like Brooklyn in New York City, I imagine.

In many ways it´s a wonder that this park has been so very well cared for over all these years as money has always been a very scarce thing around my neighborhood. I´ll show you more of it in the next couple of weeks!

As you can see, this handsome couple chose it as a setting for their wedding pictures, something I so far only came across at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain (which is even more spectacular)😉 But if you can´t afford going there, this park is a very nice substitute, I believe.

Of course, it´s very likely that they were already married at that moment, but I imagined hearing those wedding bells anyway😉


Wish you all a very beautiful sunday! xxx


Animal Quick Sketching



The summer holidays started this week and the whole family went to the Berlin Zoo to celebrate!🙂 We had lots of fun, fantastic weather and stuffed ourselves with delicious ice cream!

It was also a little premiere for me, as I tried myself the first time on animal quick sketching.

It came as an absolute surprise to me that most animals didn´t want to stand still until I was done with my sketch😉 How very unprofessional of them, tsk, tsk!😉

Anyway, I tried my best to “catch” them🙂



This little kitten was of course not part of our trip to the zoo but belongs to a friend of mine. It´s such a cute thing to watch doing it whatever comes to its mind and then not knowing how to get down again😉

It had such an exasperated look of despair that I had to try to catch it with my pencil as well as with my arms!🙂 (The latter worked out better than the first😉 )



Little kitten hanging from a branch

Sepia Spell – Light and Dark

Kopie von IMG_0860


Do you remember the Grotto I was showing you pictures of a couple of weeks ago?

Here you can see the hidden back entrance.😉


Also, you might have noticed the slight change of my Sepia related post from “Sepia Sunday” to “Sepia Spell”. That´s because I´m not sure if I´m going to be able to post my photographs on sundays only from now on. Otherwise the topic hasn´t changed, it´s still going to be about Berlin in Sepia🙂


Wish you all a beautiful weekend!