In the Mood for… Marc: Little Monkey


“In the Mood for… Marc: Little Monkey” (acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24 cm, 2016).


Last weekend I finished my latest painting “In the Mood for… Marc: Little Monkey”! Due to my eye condition (corneal erosion), it took much longer than usual… but having managed it at all, makes me incredibly happy and content!🙂

It´s a tribute to the german expressionist painter Franz Marc (1880-1916) who has been a vital  part of the artistic group “Der Blaue Reiter” (The Blue Rider).

His work is characterized by primary colors and most of his paintings portray animals whose movements and being he caught beautifully and in stark simplicity.

Marc assigned certain meanings and emotions to colours: blue was used to represent masculinity and spirituality, yellow stands for feminine joy and red for the sound of violence.




detail “In the Mood for… Marc: Little Monkey”


As always, I don´t seek to produce an exact copy, but merely try to make myself aquainted with a different style and to somehow catch the essence of the painting that speaks to me. So, if you look closely and compare the works, you´ll of course notice many differences😉

If you click here you can have a look at the original Little Monkey by Franz Marc!



Side note: The National Socialists suppressed modern art under their regime and condemned the late Franz Marc as a degenerate artist (“Entarteter Künstler”) and banned many of his works from museum and galleries – unbelievable but sadly true…







Contemplation, white clay (fired and unglazed; 2016)

In everything I do, especially art, I can not help but letting my feelings and emotions be part of what I do…


So, if I´m happy, the things I draw, paint or form of clay, are likely to represent this feeling in some form or other. The same goes for when I´m angry or anxious.


I named my sculpture “Contemplation” because that was exactly how I felt at this moment in time: serene, contemplative and peaceful though highly concentrated on my work.


I decided to left this sculpture unglazed because I prefer how the light is softly sprinkled upon the slightly rough surface, instead of bouncing off it when it would be glazed.

It stands now in my bedroom and I look at it every morning and every evening and I am thus reminded of how I felt when I created her, a real gift in troubled times…

Finding “Fairy”



Butterfly-winged fairy, November 2016 (micron ink on paper, on construction paper and glittery shamrocks)


About two weeks ago my dear friend Patty asked me if I would like to contribute to a blog post about fairies that was going to show up on her new blog The Strix

Being very partial to fairies I was determined to give it a try, even with my eye not being fully healed yet.

Like always, I began with doing a sketch in pencil, as it´s much easier to erase if something´s wrong.


Step 1:


Butterfly-winged Fairy, Nov. 2016 (pencil on paper)


As you can see, the lines are not very rich in contrast, which is why I used my micron ink pen to draw it again.


Step 2:


Butterfly-winged Fairy, Nov. 2016 (micron ink on paper)


At this stage I still wasn´t sure what exactly it is the fairy is throwing into the air, and I was thinking of stars, rainbows and other things like it.

Then I remembered having once bought tiny little glittery shamrocks which you can put on your nail polish if you like that kind of thing😉

I tried it, but it wouldn´t stick as my nails are kind of too arched for that. So, there they were, lying around, and not being good for anything really.

That´s when I thought, that maybe I could add them to this little project…especially since fairies are by nature irish of course😉

And like a fairy I threw them on the paper😉

Step 3:


Butterfly-winged Fairy, Nov. 2016 (micron ink on paper with glittery shamrocks)


I already liked the picture as it was on step 3, but thought I could maybe try to make it a bit more “magical”. So I cut the fairy out with really tiny scissors and stuck it to some black construction paper. Then I again threw out my glittery shamrocks.

Et voilá… the picture was complete!🙂


Step 4:



Butterfly-winged fairy, November 2016 (micron ink on paper, on construction paper and glittery shamrocks)


The Strix ~ Fairy

My dear friend Patty asked me, if I´d like to contribute as a guest artist to this very lovely blog post about fairies! She truly honoured me with her believe that I would be able to create something appropriate and I have to thank her for giving me the opportunity to stretch my wings and fly…🙂

The Strix

Our art-sisters Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join us this time, however the rest of the Strix and our new guest-artist Sarah created a piece of art for you all to enjoy.  Choice of Topic FAIRY by the lovely Zigyasa.


She wasn’t born a faerie;
she earned her wings
her own way.

Her imagination started early
just out of night’s skies
when the sun rose
the glittered light shone

Her magic coaxed forth
wings tickled, prickled
out of her strong back
fluttered to life, a surprise

Forest creatures came to life
the mushrooms spoke to her
the elves and gnomes
hiding ‘neath them
welcomed her home
for a pint of mulled cider
to warm her bones

But her magic
was already there;
she could see the elves
dance with the gnomes
hear the mushrooms
before the wings grew

because she believed

her world was already

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Sepia Spell – Frowning Lion



Stone Lion, Berlin Cathedral (Sept. 2016)


This beautiful carved lion just caught my eye and begged me to take a picture of him… of course I was only too eager to fulfill his wish😉


Wishing you all a very beautiful and lovely week! xxx

Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels!



To be perfectly honest with you – I just looooove squirrels!🙂

Near to where I´m living is a huge park where I can watch these sweet little climbing artists running up and down the trees, trying to catch one another.

As I´m sure you know, now´s the time that squirrels are really busy collecting enough nuts and seeds that will help them getting through the winter. Actually they already started doing this around here since late September but now they are quite desperate before the first plummet of temperatures below the freezing point.

This is why I never leave the house without a couple of walnuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds in my pockets whenever I go to the park😉

I´ve done this for quite a long time now (a couple of years), and am happy to tell you that over the years I´ve made friends with some of the squirrels that are now trusting enough to come and take the nuts right from my hand.




I´m sure you can imagine how exciting it was, the first time it happened!

And because it felt so special, I didn´t even dare to take my camera with me, out of fear they would not like being scrutinely watched over by that big black lense…

But with time, I couldn´t resist the temptation, and to my astonishment found that the squirrels didn´t mind being photographed as long as I kept providing them with delicious walnuts (their absolute favourites😉 ).



“Quick! Before she changes her mind!”


This summer I was even allowed to gently stroke for a short time one of the nursing mother-Squirrels as it was feasting on the heavenly walnuts! That was a very, very special moment for me!

The fur was just as soft as I always imagined it to be and I could feel the tiny heart inside beating rapidly, but the squirrel remained quite calm and seated.

There´s no picture of that occassion I´m afraid, since I really was to busy absorbing the moment😉 But I hope the pictures I´m sharing with you here, give you a hint of the lovely friendship I´ve developed with these animals.









A rare visitor, quickly picking one of the peanuts I left for the squirrels…





Let me close this post with one of my favourite poems by W.B. Yeats:


To a Squirrel at Kyle-na-no


Come play with me;

Why should you run

Through the shaking tree

As though I´d a gun

To strike you dead?

When all I would do

Is to scratch your head

And let you go.


Wish you all a very beautiful weekend!


The Wise Age


I´m very proud to present another collaboration that combines the wonderful words of my dear friend and writer Syeda with one of my drawings!🙂



The Wise Age

Standing in the alley

I watch them play around

Little kids whom I saw

Puking in their mother’s arms.

I watch the little hands

That held mine and learnt to walk

Today cross their ways past me hastily

Avoiding me, unwilling to acknowledge.

These old wrinkly hands and face

Are not something I would want to lose

They have come to be, after all

The wars and struggles I’ve fought.

They are the marks of my victory

Of having emerged out of the abyss.

                                                           -by Syeda Faiza Rasheed





Sepia Spell – Old National Gallery



Old National Gallery, Berlin (Sept- 2016)


After having shared with you my vision of the stairway to heaven, I´m showing you today a view of “heaven” itself😉 – the Old National Gallery in Berlin!

If you ever get the chance to visit Berlin, make sure to drop by this wonderful building too!

Wish you all a beautiful weekend!


P.S. I´m sorry for not having dropped by all your wonderful blogs the past week! As it is, I´m having a bit of trouble with my eyes, a corneal erosion, which makes especially reading very painful😦 But I hope to do so after it has healed (which seems to take much more time than anticipated). Please make sure to take very good care of your eyes!! We only realise what we take for granted if every blink hurts…😦



Guest Secret Artist



Wooden box crafted by Chris (photographed by Chris)


Let me introduce you to Chris – a man of many passions and seemingly endless energy to pursue them😉


You might already know him from his wonderful blog “Milford Street” (if not that´s your chance to hop over right now😉 No, wait! Read this first, and then you can hop over😉 ).

On his blog he shares his absoulutely stunning photographs as well as stories about his life (for instance: an amazing 2-month trip to El Salvador in order to become an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher).

What you might not know about him (because he´s too humble to share it on his awesome blog😉 ) is that he´s also incredibly talented when it comes to the art of wood-working!

After endlessly nagging him about sending me some photographs, showing this beautifully crafted box made from a recycled wood pallet, he finally gave in.🙂

So, if you´re just in love with this box as I am, please go visit his blog and make sure to tell him!!🙂



box front (photographed by Chris)


As you probably all know by now, I´m pretty enthusiastic when it comes to art😉

So there was absolutely no question for me that this lovingly crafted box that Chris made with his own hands as a present for his wife, had to be shared with the world, i.e. you!🙂


Being a photographer, Chris is already an artist in his own rights (and a very good one too!).

But I wanted to show you that there´s even more to the man than can be seen on his blog, a secret artistic talent if you like.


I also think that this is something many people may have in common – having a hidden talent or passion they´re not sure about sharing with others.


In fact, this is also true for me, as I´m not a trained artist but an art-historian in profession. And it is exactly why I started my blog – to show that there´s this other side of me, the side that does not only know an awful lot about art, but also loves to do art herself.


But not everyone with a hidden or secret talent might want to share it on his or her blog, mainly because it´s already dedicated to something else.


And that´s when it hit me: why not make a guest-post every once in a while for people exactly like that? People like Chris, who has a photo-themed blog but obviously many more things to be proud of.🙂


So, if you´re interested yourself, or know someone (either in the blogging world or in real life) who has a secret talent, just contact me here on WordPress or sent me an email!

This is your chance to go beyond the limits of your blog and share a secret talent!!!🙂


I´m looking very much forward to hear from you all!


Sarah🙂 xxx

Sepia Spell -Stairway to Heaven



Stairway leading up to the 2nd floor of the Old National Gallery in Berlin (Sept. 2016)


Okay, okay… I admit, this is n o t the actual stairway to heaven, b u t in my mind it´s pretty close to it😉

As it is, these steps are leading up to the second floor of the Old National Gallery outside the building.

The Old National Gallery is situated on the Museum´s Island and has been build around 1867 – 1876. The Gallery is showing a collection of Neoclassical, Impressionist, Romantic and Early Modernist artwork, like The Monk by the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich or Adolph von Menzel´s Eisenwalzwerk (Iron Rolling Mill).

The Old National Gallery is one of my favourite art galleries here in Berlin, not only because of it´s magnificent collection but also because of its amazing architecture, of which I´m going to share with you more pictures of mine in the following weeks.🙂