More Mythology: Leda and the Swan (…or is it Leia?;)

This classic theme – “Leda and the Swan” – is originating in greek mythology (sometimes I ask myself, what isn´t;), and has also been a very popular motif in the Renaissance. In short: Zeus is succesfully seducing Leda (who, among others, is the mother of Helen – you know, that absolutely beautiful girl who apparentlyContinue reading “More Mythology: Leda and the Swan (…or is it Leia?;)”

In the Mood for… Degas – Dancers at Rehearsal – Part III

Last weekend I concentrated mainly on getting more details into the painting – like adding shadows to the arms and legs of the dancers on the left and also giving them faces, improving their dresses a bit and working on the background and floor. Hope you like it!

In the Mood for … Degas – Dancers at Rehearsal – Part II

There are many reasons why you can work on a picture for several hours on a single day : the paint needs some drying before you can apply the next layer YOU need a little rest and are desperate for some coffee;) after finishing for the day, you take another look at your picture (afterContinue reading “In the Mood for … Degas – Dancers at Rehearsal – Part II”

Little Heroes…

I watched a great documentary last night called “(R)evolution” by Rob Stewart that´s mostly focusing on looming environmental collapse and what people do to avert it. It´s been incredibly thought-provoking and if you haven´t seen it already, I can warmly recommend it! Anyway, it also provoked me to do this little sketching of one ofContinue reading “Little Heroes…”