In the Mood for… M.C. Escher

This weekend I tried to draw something different, something more in the line of geometrical or architectural drawing. And who could be a better source for inspiration than the exceptionnel graphic artist M.C. Escher?


I´m sure you know the sentiment: you´re right in the middle of reading – or what´s even worse: on the last page! – and someone steps in and interrupts you. How dare they! I´ve been told today, that I look just as grumpy as this mouse I sketched, when that happens;)

Animal Paintings

A Pair of Puffins (acrylic on canvas; 30x24cm; August 2016) True Grit (2016, acrylic on canvas; 24×18 cm)   Kissing Horses (2016, acrylic on canvas; 40×30 cm)   Gray Wolf (2015, acrylic on canvas; 50×40 cm)   In Love with Polar Bears (2015, acrylic on canvas; 40×30 cm)  

Skunk getting ready

Before the Spotted Skunk is going to attack you with his (or hers;) rather unpleasant strong scent, he (or she;) is supposedly known to give you a slight head up by either stamping its front feet and hissing at you or, as in this particular case, by doing a marvellous headstand:)

“Just give me some fish, will you?”

As you´ve seen on earlier posts, I´ve got a weakness for birds, especially when it comes to drawing them. But every once in a while, I just can´t resist, and have to form them in clay, as well:) This little fellow is supposed to be a Southern Rockhopper Penguin, although I have to admit, theContinue reading ““Just give me some fish, will you?””

In Love with Polar Bears!!!

Whilst working on my Degas-Painting, I was additionaly working on another painting in secret for my mum´s birthday. Because I couldn´t risk “being caught” by her, I didn´t post this painting from the first steps on, as I usually do. My mum is madly in love with polar bears (well, who isn´t – apart fromContinue reading “In Love with Polar Bears!!!”