In Love with Polar Bears!!!

Whilst working on my Degas-Painting, I was additionaly working on another painting in secret for my mum´s birthday. Because I couldn´t risk “being caught” by her, I didn´t post this painting from the first steps on, as I usually do.

My mum is madly in love with polar bears (well, who isn´t – apart from the seals, of course;), so naturally I wanted to give it a try, and paint these beautiful animals for her.

I´m happy to annouce that she loves it – no small feat considering that this is my first try on these animals and that she is a professional porcelain painter, who used to work for the KPM (that´s the “Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur” – the “Royal Porcelain Manufacture” in Berlin). I sincerely hope, you like it, too!:)


In Love with Polar Bears (Acrylic on canvas)

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