My Slightly Different Count Dracula: Chapter Two

If you´ve missed Chapter One, click here.

On a night like so many before, Count Harecula was hunting rabbits in the dark alleys of the city.
After a huge storm, the night was still cloudy, but the rain had stopped at last and the road surfaces glistened beneath the street lighting. Count Harecula was just about to finish his bloody meal, when he noticed something dazzlingly white walking past the entrance of the cul-da-sac, where he was crouching over a now lifeless rabbit.

Count Harecula feasting on a rabbit

Count Harecula feasting on a rabbit

After a blink it was already gone and he wasn´t quite sure, if it had been there in the first place, being in a blood frenzy and all. But what, if it had?
He let go of the body and hurried towards the open end of the alley. Cautiously he bend around the corner and took a quick glance to the right.
And there it was! Or, more precisely: She!

The Lady in the Light

The Lady in the Light

Forgetting all about precautions, Count Harecula stood in the street and watched open-mouthed after the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Although he could actually only see her back, that sight was all it took to convince him of this simple truth.
She had the most delicate ears, that shone slightly pink in the bright light of a street lantern, and he caught himself wishing to caress them. She wore a simple but lovely dress that matched the colour of her fur perfectly.
When she finally reached the crossing and walked around the corner, he came to his senses just in time to follow her. Although she was quite tiny, she had a quick and determined pace, and Count Harecula found himself slightly out of breath so short after his nourishing meal.
Fortunately, after a couple of minutes, she seemed to have reached her destination, which was – a church!!!
He couldn´t believe his eyes. What the heck did she want in there?! This late a visit to sacred grounds seemed a little bit out of place.
Oh, my God, he whinced, did he fall in love with a NUN?!
Unsure whether he ought to keep following her with his eyes or to shut them, he decided that he needed to know the truth. When he saw, that she did not climb the steps that led to the main entrance, but walked instead alongside the dark building, he nearly sighed with relief. Maybe she wanted to go to the graveyard behind the church? That was a thought more to his liking. But when he watched her entering the building through a small side door after all, he felt desperation grip his heart again.
There he stood, hidden in the shadows of some trees that surrounded the little place in front of the church, and debating with himself whether to go forward and find out as much as he could about this beautiful lady or to go back from where he came and ignore that odd throbbing of his heart.

To Be Continued…


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