My Slightly Different Count Dracula: Chapter Three

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While Count Harecula stood debating with himself whether to follow his heart or leave it alone, he caught sight of three more people who neared the church and entered it through the same side-door.
Two of them were gruffly looking guys, the third was another woman, who, though in her own way quite attractive, didn´t even come close to the beautiful lady he´d followed. He watched one of the guys open the heavy wooden door for her and receiving a shy smile in return.

All these people seem to have something in common, Count Harecula noticed. An air of solitude and sadness, and he felt a sudden pang of understanding and compassion in his heart, which he resolutely put quickly aside.

After watching several more people stepping through the door, he found himself quite unable to shake that funny feeling off that seemed to have overcome him the moment he´d set eyes on his lady.
And so giving in to his curiosity, he sneaked nearer the church and peeked through a brightly lit window beside the door. He wasn´t quite sure what to expect though and braced himself for the worst – whatever that might be.

Count Harecula Chapter 3

Count Harecula peeking through the window

The scene which unfold before his eyes revealed nearly a dozen or so persons, all in different shapes and sizes, sitting on cheap orange plastic chairs in a wide circle.
Well, that didn´t look anything like a Mass he knew.

His searching eyes found at once the beautiful lady that led him here, sitting between the other woman he´d noticed before and a guy whose clothing definetly needed some serious washing as it was partly covered in blood. Blood?!
Count Harecula frowned. What kind of meeting was this? He didn´t think that any respectable bible group would tolerate this kind of getup from one of its members. And now that he thought of it, he couldn´t even detect any Bibles lying around either.
This was all very puzzling.

Unfortunately the windows seemed to be soundproof and despite his sensitive ears he was unable to listen to their conversation. Frustrated he continued watching his lady and felt instantly calmed at her sight.
She sat elegantly posed on her seat, one leg over the other as she listened intently to whatever the guy who was now speaking said. Her long ears were silghtly tipped forward and her left hand rested under her chin.

Count Harecula suddenly found himseld torn between his wish to keep watching this beguiling beauty and his urge to rip the tongue out of this stupid guy´s mouth, who seemed to fascinate his lady so much. But being unsure of her reaction and not wanting to risk anything that might meagre his chances, he tried to compose himself.
After a few steadying breaths, he calmed down somewhat. To keep his cool, he retreated into the shadows of the transept and tried to figure out, what to do next.

To Be Continued…



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  1. Oh, I forgot to thank you, for liking so many of my posts, again, Inese!:) It is very much appreciated and it always means a lot to me! I would continue drawing, painting and posting even if no one would, of course, but it really is so much nicer to see that people actually like what I´m doing:) So, thank you again!! Wish you a lovely week! Sarah xoxo


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