Guess what!

At the end of the year, I get, as everbody else I suppose, a little bit sentimental and tend to watch all the films I really love and can never get enough of 🙂


But this time, while enjoying my film and somehow managing to make a mess with pop corn and spilling the stuff all over me, I had an idea. Why not try to sketch a scene from it? And then let you having a guess from which film it is?!

Ok, I realize this might totally go wrong for several reasons:

a) It´s absolutely possible that no one even knows the film I´m talking about 😦 and


b) I am not at all sure, if I can even sketch a scene clearly enough to make you recognize it, even if you have seen the film!

Well, I guess, I´ll find out! 🙂




P.S. Here a little hint: it´s from a classic black-and-white movie, shot in the 1960´s.

5 thoughts on “Guess what!

    • No, but close;) And I admit freely that I totally failed to get Mr Stringer right in that drawing, which is a shame, really, ´cause I like him so much:)
      It´s from the beginning of “Murder at the Gallop” – I just love that film and Margaret Rutherford (maybe because she resembles my great-grandmother so much, whom I unfortunately have never met in person, but I have seen photographs from her and also heard a lot about her from my mother).
      Thank you so much for joining in, Inese! Wish you a wonderfull weekend! Sarah xxx

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    • Oooh! Jippiieee! Ja, das ist total richtig!:) Wie schön, dass du es erkannt hast!!! Ich freu mich total! Die Szene ist vom “Wachsblumenstrauß” – ich liebe diesen Film:) Vielen Dank, dass du mitgemacht hast und ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne vorweihnachtliche Zeit!!! Sarah


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