My Slightly Different Count Dracula: Chapter Five – Food Poisoning

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Count Harecula had one hell of a week.
First: due to a food-poisoned rabbit he retched his guts out, ruined a priceless persian rug in the process and had to lay in bed for several days.


Count Harecula Chapter 5

Count Harecula in his coffin-bed


The whole episode made him somewhat afraid of his next bloody meal, but after his illness there was no way around it – he really needed to restore his strength.
So, before he tucked into his next rabbit, he made a point to follow it for a while and make sure, it didn´t eat anything poisened. Of course, this took quite a lot of time, and the feeble animal did nothing to still his hunger.

Consequently he felt very weak and lost his temper more than once with his butler who had the good grace not to comment on it. He did forget to bleach Count Harecula´s new vest though, and now the thing had to go to charity. (Count Harecula was never one to simply throw away clothes – he was absolutely sure that everything he didn´t see fit for wearing anymore was still far beyond the hopes of mere mortals to lay their dirty hands on. Besides it flattered him to see his clothes from time to time worn by unsuspecting people.)

But, of course, as unpleasant as being sick might have been, it was nothing compared to the second thing, that occupied his mind: wether he should attend to that awful meeting or not.
Sure, he´d made a promise, but that didn´t necessarily mean that he would keep it. After all, he was Count Harecula. He was free to do whatever he liked to do.
But the thing was, although he found the whole idea of renouncing to suck blood ridiculous, he knew one thing for sure: he desperately wanted to see HER again!
So, in the end, he decided to attend the meeting – though by no means did he intend to become an “ASS”!

To be continued…


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