Guess what!? Two classic moments in film history

After successfully beating off every virus and germ thrown at me, I finally succumbed to the relentless attacks 😦 And whilst lying in bed with a head the size of a melon and a nose the size of a mini-van and lavishly re-decorating my bedroom with used tissues, I´m determined to enjoy the one thingContinue reading “Guess what!? Two classic moments in film history”

Child of the 80s

I´m sure you´ve heard it too: David Bowie died and although I did not know him personally of course, I can´t help but feeling extremely sad about it:( Maybe it´s because I´m a child of the 80s and grew up listening to the LPs of my parents, I don´t know. Actually I wanted to finishContinue reading “Child of the 80s”

Ghostly Images

As you´ve seen, I like to keep a record of the developing process of my paintings, maybe because I sometimes can´t really believe that it was me who painted them.   When I showed a friend of mine my paintings – quite reluctantly ´cause as you know: it´s a “secret art expedition”;) – she alsoContinue reading “Ghostly Images”

Proud to present… a Dragon!

I noticed that it´s been a long time since I´ve posted some pottery here – that´s not because I haven´t done any but because I find it rather difficult to make some decent pictures of my pieces. Most of the time the light is bouncing off the glaze like crazy and no one would beContinue reading “Proud to present… a Dragon!”