Proud to present… a Dragon!

I noticed that it´s been a long time since I´ve posted some pottery here – that´s not because I haven´t done any but because I find it rather difficult to make some decent pictures of my pieces. Most of the time the light is bouncing off the glaze like crazy and no one would be able to see any of the details:(


But I´ve found a way around it! Now I´m going to photograph the piece before it will be glazed (and hopefully afterwards as well, although you can never be sure, because if you haven´t worked properly and left any undetected enclosed bubbles in the clay, the thing could just EXPLODE in the oven!).


This time, however, I don´t want to show you one of my pieces but the wonderful and extraordinary work of my mother (who used to be a professional porcelain painter and is now having fun with doing pottery)!


Hope you love her dragon as much as I do!










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