Ghostly Images

As you´ve seen, I like to keep a record of the developing process of my paintings, maybe because I sometimes can´t really believe that it was me who painted them.


When I showed a friend of mine my paintings – quite reluctantly ´cause as you know: it´s a “secret art expedition”;) – she also had a look at the pictures I made of them in the process. Although she seemed to like my work (and believe me, I was sooo relieved!), she emphazised how very much she liked the first drafts of my paintings. I think that might be because she is an excellent photographer (and here I would love to give you her blog adress but unfortunately she doesn´t have one – yet;)  – I give my best to talk her into it!) and I think my drafts remind her of  negatives (she refuses to use a digital camera and develops her pictures the old fashion way).


Anyway, she insisted that I should keep my firsts drafts as they are (instead of painting them over) and then start the painting a second time.


Ghostly Image: Morphia



Ghostly Ruins
Ghostly Ruins


Ghostly image love
Ghostly Image – Love


Ghostly Image - The Silence
Ghostly Image: The Silence


Girl reading
Girl Reading


Ghostly Racoons
Ghostly Raccoons



Ghostly Image: Woman Bathing in a Stream (inspired by Rembrandt)





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14 thoughts on “Ghostly Images

    1. Thank you so very much Inese!:) I think you and my friend are right and I will follow this path from now on:) I would never have guessed though that people would find them interesting! Oooh! Wet collodion plates – they were absolutely magnifecent! So rich in detail – I just adore the old photographs sooo much! So it really is an honour for me to have my painting being compared to them – thank you so, so much again!!! Love, Sarah xo

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