Child of the 80s

I´m sure you´ve heard it too: David Bowie died and although I did not know him personally of course, I can´t help but feeling extremely sad about it:(

Maybe it´s because I´m a child of the 80s and grew up listening to the LPs of my parents, I don´t know.

Actually I wanted to finish a drawing for my next chapter of My Slightly Different Count Dracula but somehow my pencil didn´t really obey to my wishes and ended up drawing one crying Count Harecula after the other.

I guess that´s what happens if you try to outwit your subconciousness…




8 thoughts on “Child of the 80s

    • Thank you soo much Su Leslie!!! And I´m sorry I didn´t respond earlier to your message – I´ve got problems with my notebook but hope to get a new one soon;) Yes, David Bowie was an absolute genius and I am glad that so many people of different ages were touched by it! Hope your son will get over it – I know it´s tough when you´re still in your teenage years:(
      I´ll also miss that wonderful actor Alan Rickman who passed away this week too:( It sure is a very sad week…

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      • No problem. Yes, the loss of Alan Rickman is really tough too. I’ll always remember him best in ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’, but for my son he will always be Snape. A sad week indeed.

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      • Yes, it really is:( “Truly, Madly, Deeply” is one of my favourite films too, but to be honest, I loved him in all the others as well, but especially in “Sense & Sensibility” and “Snow Cake”. And he had the most wonderful voice – I could have listened to him reading the Yellow Pages;) Oh, and of course, he was just superb as Snape. The world has become a poorer place now that two magnifecent artists are gone:(

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