My Slightly Different Count Dracula – Chapter Six: Stage Fright

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Due to an awful food-poisoning the week went by in a blur and Thursday was upon Count Harecula a lot sooner than he´d liked it to be.
He´d hoped to mentally prepare himself before the meeting – which simply meant that he wanted to practice lying convincingly about his willingness to give up on blood sucking in front of the mirror.
Contrary to general belief he had no problems whatsoever to look at his reflection. Truth be told, he rather enjoyed it. But he simply couldn´t muster the sufficient strength to do it and had to return quickly to his bed after each hunt.


So, when Thursday arrived, Count Harecula found himself really nervous. Not only did he not know how to pull off the charade, but he also felt a terrible shyness rising up in him when thinking of HER. (For reasons unknown to him he couldn´t stop thinking of her in capital letters.)


What was he supposed to do, or even worse, say to that heavenly creature? Did it even count as a date? He wasn´t sure, simply because he´d never had one before. What did people do on dates? He considered asking his butler Igor for advice but then thought better of it and refrained from doing so. There were certain things one should never let their servants know about their master.


When it was time to get dressed, Count Harecula stood in front of his gigantic wardrobe and lost it: he simply didn´t have one bloody decent thing to wear!!! While he rummaged furiosly through his clothes, the pile of rejected garments grew steadily.


Ct. Harecula 6


Had it not been for Igor, who´d decided to save his master from disgrace by bringing him a brand-new vest he´d secretely ordered online just for this occasion, Count Harecula might very well have fallen to pieces.
What Count Harecula didn´t know – and never would – was that all of his servants knew pretty much everything there was to know about him.


When finally Count Harecula found himself to be presentable and was ready to leave the castle, his gaze fell upon a beautiful bouquet of red roses lying on the highly polished hallway table (which was a Louis XV by the way).


Harecula 6
His first impulse however was to shout for Igor and to demand to know what this silliness was all about.
But then he had second thoughts about it: What if his beautiful Lady would like them? Surely women liked flowers, didn´t they? And if they did, Count Harecula thought, maybe she would like the person presenting her with them as well?!

Before he could think about it a third time, he heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall and rapidly grabbed the bouquet.
As the massive oak doors closed behind Count Harecula, Igor stood in the hallway right where his master had been only seconds before and smiled.

To be continued…


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