Roman Empress



I´ve been to the museum again (this time it was the “Altes Museum” in Berlin – if you ever get the chance to come here – please visit it! It´s absolutely beautiful!) and did some sketches of the sculptures there. This one is from a portrait bust of a roman empress.


4 thoughts on “Roman Empress

  1. Very nice, Sarah…I’ve been to Berlin but did not make it to the art museum. I find her gaze striking. Is she looking down at something or gazing away from something. Who is to know? Very nice….Cheers!

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    • Thank you very much Chris!! I think, since she is an empress (or was one), she´s looking down on us;) The statue certainly did so as it was standing on a big pedestal.
      Oh, when have you been to Berlin and what did see/like?? I´m always curious about such things because I´m born and bred here;)
      Cheers, Sarah:)

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