Guess what?! Happy Valentine´s Day:)

It´s time for another film quiz, and since it´s Valentine´s Day I could not resist to watch the best romantic film ever made (well, at least for me it is;)

Can you guess by which film the following drawing is inspired?




Wish you all a very Happy Valentine´s Day!!!

P.S. What´s your favourite romantic movie??

20 thoughts on “Guess what?! Happy Valentine´s Day:)

      • Actually I picked up the film to see Ingrid Bergman. My father was Swedish… 😉 But now that you mention it, I do like some of the old black and whites. My true film addiction is foreign films. 🙂

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      • Couldn´t agree more – she was incredibly talented and so beautiful! Hardly needed any make-up and still outshone them all!
        I´m also very fond of lovely voices, the loveliest for me though is…was:( … the voice of Alan Rickman. He could have read the yellow pages out loud and I would have been absolutely enchanted! It´s so sad that he already passed away:(

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      • Rickman’s voice could melt the ice caps and heat me through to the core! He will be missed. Yes, he will be missed. I was re-watching one of his films the other day. It wasn’t a ‘big box office film’ but it was wonderful. Have you seen Bob Roberts? 😦

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      • Bonjour Lèa! How fitting an analogy! Yes, he really could do that with the power of his vocal cords:) No, I haven´t seen Bob Roberts yet, but had just a quick read through on Wikipedia and think it sounds very promising! Will see if I can get a copy at my library. Some of my favourite films with him are “Truly, Madly,Deeply”, “Snow Cake”, “Sense and Sensibility” and “Robin Hood” – have you watched any of these?
        There´s another british actor who´s voice comes quite close in mesmerizing quality to his: Benedict Cumberbatch – he´s read some great audiobooks like “Casanova” (oh, I really got it with the “Casa” bit, don´t I;)

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      • I saw the last two of those films. Who but Rickman could have me rooting for the evil sheriff of Nottingham? Nobody! Of course he has done many more but that gives us something to look forward to…
        The late Richard Burton had such a voice as well.
        I have two here with Cumberbatch in them so will have to play them to check on the voice? 🙂

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      • Too true;) He was a fabulous Sheriff of Nottingham and totally outplayed Kevin Costner (although he too was just gorgeous;)
        I have to admit that I haven´t seen so many films with Richard Burton, at the moment I can only recall “Cleopatra” – I´m certainly need to remedy that as well:)
        But I adore Liz Taylor, so that´s a good start in the right direction;)
        Which films with Cumberbatch do you have then? I can definitely recommend the Sherlock series, Third Star and Amazing Grace – though his voice will be just the same whatever you happen to watch:)

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