In the Mood for… Rousseau – The Dream


In the Mood for… Rousseau – The Dream (acrylic on canvas)

This weekend I finished my latest painting!

It´s inspired by the painting “The Dream” by the french painter Henri Rousseau (1844-1910), a post-impressionist who taught himself to paint and was tragically ridiculed by critics for his naïve manner during his lifetime.

“The Dream” (1910) was his final painting and can now be admired at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. If you do not want to travel so far though, you can have a look at it here😉

Detail 1

Detail “In the Mood for… Rousseau – The Dream”

Detail 2


16 thoughts on “In the Mood for… Rousseau – The Dream

    • WoW! Thank you soooo much for your super kind comment, Nadège!!! And thank you also for following my blog!! I´m just enjoy reading trough yours – your writing is tremendously funny;) Have a great day! Sarah:)

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  1. Very nice…great depth brought out by the different shades. Thanks for the close-ups too…there are details there I did not pick up on from the first photo!

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    • Thank you sooo much!! I´m really glad you like it:) Since there are so many details in this picture I decided it might be worse a try and show them additionally… your kind comment confirms this perfectly – thank you again!!! Have a wonderful weekend! Sarah:)


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