I’m abandoned (or) Am I abandoning all?


I´ve met a wonderful new friend here just a couple of days ago – SyedaFR –  and she writes the most beautiful poetry I´ve ever read!


After liking each other´s posts like crazy;) we´ve come up with the idea to create something new: I said that I would love to paint or draw something in relation to one of her poems as they just flooded my imagination with pictures, and she said that she would love to write something in response to one of my pieces – she optioned for the painting “Abandonement” seen below – and she was first!:)


Here comes her beautiful, beautiful poem:


Walking alone on the once known track,
I feel today like a lost bird, where feelings lack.

In the darkness I move or in broad daylight,
I see all but no human in vision or sight.

They are all breathing and moving herds,
Who feel with minds, souls like caged birds.

No one to see my tears or feel my pain,
Who look at me, wishing to add onto their gain.

A body of a woman, is all what they see,
But what about the bruised side of me.

They will use and then leave me in abandonment,
For them I am not a life, but I will not lament.

I will come back here, powerful and strong,
I will walk again in here, while I sing my song.

Farewell, till then, O streets inhabited by heartless,
I am not born to live here, for I cannot be a pawn in chess!



Quelle: I’m abandoned (or) Am I abandoning all?



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