Navy … eh, Baby Seals

Baby Seal
Baby Seal


In late february some seals start having their pups, like the harp seal/saddleback seal which is a species of earless seals native to the northernmost Atlantic Ocean. It´s sientific name – Pagophilus groenlandicus – means “Ice-lover from Greenland”.

All female seals have to come back to land, or in this case pack ice, to give birth. This becomes more and more a problem due to global warming:(

And the fewer the seals, the less polar bears also…:(


Kopie von P1120983


Sea lion
Sea lion

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10 thoughts on “Navy … eh, Baby Seals

    1. Thank you very much Chris! I hope you´ve made some pictures? I would love to see them:)
      I´ve never seen seals outside a zoo unfortunately. They are such elegant and beautiful animals. I always envy how they can swim so easily – when I´m in the sea I more or less splash around;) Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers, Sarah:)

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      1. Hi Sarah
        Sadly, I do not have images. They were always too far out at sea and I did not have a camera with a good enough zoom. And I didn’t have a camera on the kayak. Bummer.
        They are amazingly graceful and put my meager swimming skills to shame. There is nothing wrong with just splashing around.
        Have a great day,

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