Snake in a Ribcage

Last week I´ve read one absolutely amazing piece of poetry by Moony that made my head spinning with images. So I asked her if I might draw something in relation to her beautiful poem “The Future” and luckily she said that it would be her pleasure:)

It took me quite a while as I had to check out the specific details of a ribcage…;)

So here it comes, but first her lovely poem!


The Future


I try not to think of the future too much these days,
It gets too much to bear if I do;
It wakes the serpent lodged inside,
And wraps it around my rib cage so tightly,
Weaving in and out of ribs so lovingly,
I cannot breathe,
I cannot scream,
I can only sit
With teary eyes
As the snake gnaws at my heart with its poisonous mouth,
And try to imagine what it’ll be like,
When you finally leave,
When our time is over,
Will the serpent devour my heart,
Like did Ammut, a sinner’s,
Heavier than the feather of Ma’at?
Will my soul be cast off into darkness forever,
I must know
For there is no doubt, my dear
That when you leave I shall cease to exist.



snake in a ribcage
Snake in a Ribcage

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

42 thoughts on “Snake in a Ribcage

      1. Haha! That´s a deal then;)
        At the moment I´m planning to do this once or twice a month so that everyone involved has enough time to prepare something… As you´ve might have noticed, I´m not a daily blogger;)
        Wish you a wonderful week and I´m looking very much forward to our next collaboration! Sarah:)

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    1. Thank you so much, Chris! You´re certainly right, spending too much time thinking about the future prevents living in the here and now, and I give my best to do just that! Interestingly enough drawing etc very much helps to live in the moment:) Cheers!

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      1. Ahh, but you´ve got also magic – it flows from your fingertips via your keyboard to a (digital) sheet of paper! See, you don´t need a pencil;) Have a lovely happy weekend, Syeda! Lots of love, Sarah:)

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      2. Aww! How sweet of you Sarah! Have a lovely day dear! You too have a blessed weekend and enjoy the days always! Stay blessed and happy my dear! 😍😘
        Syeda 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha! No issues dear. I love it when I see notifications from you and all on WP after a night’s sleep! Makes my morning wonderful! 😍😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

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