My Slightly Different Count Dracula – Chapter 7: An Unexpected Invitation

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Although Count Harecula wasn´t very keen on going to the ASS-meeting this evening (ASS –Anonymous (Blood-)SuckerS), he made sure that he was on time.

Actually he arrived half an hour too early at the St. Matthew´s Church where the meeting was to be held.

This late in the evening it was already dark outside and the streetlamps gave their best to illuminate the city. But there were always dark corners somewhere and Count Harecula knew them all.


So, instead of stupidly waiting in front of the church, he lurked about in a near backyard behind a bar.
He´d already precautionary dined on a young rabbit ´cause he didn´t want to get distracted by his stomach whilst pretending not wanting to do the most natural thing in the world anymore. Nevertheless he had to control his reflexes when he saw another rabbit hopping along. The possibility to stain his clothes with even the tiniest spot of blood was too great a risk to take, considering the uncanny ability of the Lady to detect it.


It was a surprisingly warm evening for November which explained why so many people stood in front of the bar smoking their cigarettes. Count Harecula remembred having read somewhere that smoking supposedly helped people to calm their nerves and he considered briefly to join the group and to beg for a cigarette or preferably the whole pack. But then he didn´t really mingle with mere mortals, did he?


As Count Harecula paced up and down the backyard for the umpteenth time, the backdoor to the yard suddenly opened. A big guy holding two enormous plastic bags full of garbage came out and went to dump them into the near container.




“Hey, handsome! What are you doing out here?” he asked Count Harecula cheerfully.
It were exactly moments like these, that Count Harecula sincerely regretted to feed only on rabbits.

Under normal circumstances he wouldn´t even have considered acknowledging the guy, let alone talk to him, but these were obviously not normal circumstances. And before he could stop himself, he answered the guy.

“I am going to meet a Lady.”

“ Here?!” said the guy with plain disgust.

“No, of course not!” Count Harecula hastened to correct himself.

“Inside then?” the guy asked.

“No, no, not inside. I am meeting her… somewhere else”, he added lamely.

“Let me guess: you´re way too early for your date, eh?” The guy did something funny with his eyes – Count Harecula supposed this was what people called “winking”. He´d never seen someone doing it before simply because his servants wouldn´t dare to and his victims usually starred at him with eyes wide open.



“Well, yes, actually I am a little bit early,” he replied somewhat stiffly.

“Fancy some liquid courage then?” the guy asked.

“Eh… liquid courage?”

“A drink, man!”


For a second Count Harecula thought the guy was offering him a juicy rabbit. But then he put two and two together. Not once in his very long life had he ever drunk any alcohol, but then he´d never had any reason to do so.

Now, however…if it really would give him some courage as the guy claimed it would, it maybe was worth a try. And anyway, he still had twenty minutes to kill.
“Sure,” he said, already feeling a bit courageous and followed the guy into the bar.


To Be Continued…


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