Ghostly Image: The Silence

Ghostly Image - The Silence
Ghostly Image: The Silence (acrylic on canvas)


This ghostly image of mine has been greatly inspired by the painting “The Silence” by the swiss painter Henry Fuseli (german: Johann Heinrich Füssli, 1741 – 1825).

He is one of my favourite romantic painters who´d great influence on other painters such as William Blake.

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

55 thoughts on “Ghostly Image: The Silence

    1. Aarrgh! Not good, not good:( Just got my “It´s been nice to meet you, but…” mail. But to be honest: I didn´t like it there either, or to be precise: I couldn´t stand the boss, so I think it´s for the best!


      1. Awesome! Sounds like a great idea! We should definitely see what´s possible!:) Would you want to use the ones I already posted or did you have new ones in mind??


      2. Take your time…I will send you links and see what you can do…i think your ghostly images tailored to the story would work well with the interview…no pressure at all,,,I will also attempt some new stuff with your images in mind and see if we get a fit…sorry about the interview…best off out of it anyway…it wouldn’t have worked…take a look at my new post…about a movie for a change

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      3. Oho! Just noticed that I gave you the wrong adress – it´s: Sorry!!
        Well, I hope one get´s cake, that would be really worth all the effort;) Do take your time with this thing, no need to hurry. I´m sure you´ll find 11, I had problems to keep at that number!
        No, I don´t watch it – what is it? And by the way: where are you from? And do you have a first name? Somehow awkward to think of you as the cakeordeathsite;)


      4. Hi Alan! Wow! What an impressive bio! I wast born in Germany – and … still live here;) But I´ve got some family in England near London – one of them funnily enough lives in Australia now;) Never been to Ireland though but would very much love to someday. I´ve got your emails and plan to read on your stories this weekend:) Looking very much forward to it!

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      1. It is really an amazing one! Your work strikes me at the right places dear. You already are, my dear! I look at your paintings and they seem to tell me things! 😊

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