Those Eyes!

Once again I was touched by one of my dear friend Syeda´s beautiful poems! It made me want to draw those eyes she was so passionately writing about … and I hope I did her justice.




Those Eyes…



Those deep beautiful eyes,
They say so many lies,
So many truths they hide,
Oceans of tears they’ve cried.

They try to conceal the pains,
Which runs in her blood and veins.
They sparkle to tell me another set of lies
With smiles on lips, yet sadness within on rise!


24 thoughts on “Those Eyes!

    • Thank you so much, Chris! I feel eyes are always very special for all of us – they truly are the basic element of communication as well as a window through which we can glimpse the soul of other persons.
      I´ve just started to practice more anatomical drawings in order to accomplish real portraits – it sure is much harder than I thought;) Cheers! Sarah:)

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