Can I give you a hand? (Or 2, or 3,…)

Did you know that the skeleton of an average human hand consists of 27 bones? That´s why among other things it´s so very hard to mend them sometimes when broken.


Most people think, that drawing a face is difficult (which done properly surely is). But actually it´s even harder to draw a human hand.


Since I like to challenge myself, I portrayed my left hand in the last couple of weeks and was happy to see that my drawings improved -my first attempts were really awful, but not being a chicken, I´ll show you these as well, though at the end of this post;)









The one on the left was made with biro, the one on the right with coal.



Quick sketch after a Da Vinci drawing.


Likewise after Da Vinci



This I sketched after a photograph made by my dear friend Inese who´d just had her second Blog anniversary – please check out her beautiful blog Making memories!


And now to my (awful) first attempts:



P1120573        P1120572



24 thoughts on “Can I give you a hand? (Or 2, or 3,…)

    • Hi Chris – thank you so much! It really has, hasn´t it? I was so astonished to see it myself – it´s been exactly the encouragement I needed ´cause at first I thought “this is never going to work out!”;) Cheers! Sarah:)

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