Grumpy Easter-Greetings from an Overworked Bunny

Happy easter


“Well, Happy Easter to you all!”

(You do realize that it´s me doing all the hard work, hiding every little single egg and you have all the fun and just EAT them! This is soo wrong! – sniff, sniff)

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

12 thoughts on “Grumpy Easter-Greetings from an Overworked Bunny

  1. A rather perturbed looking bunny….It must take some skill to convey such a feeling in an animal like this…nicely done. Does this mean you’ve had enough baking for one holiday???? Cheers and Happy Easter!

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    1. Thank you, Chris! Well, I guess it does rather look how I feel…;) And yes – I´m done with baking for this holiday! (It was worth the effort though, especially my lemon cake with icing was delicious – if I might say so myself;) ) Cheers and Happy Easter! 😀


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