True Grit

  True Grit (acrylic on canvas)   There´s a huge vine climbing beside my kitchen window where the bluebirds build their nests every spring. Unfortunately we´ve got a nasty little gang of young magpies as well here (don´t get me wrong, they are beautiful but you´ll soon see why I don´t like this particular group).Continue reading “True Grit”

Ghostly Image Come to Life – The Glaze

My clay figure “The Silence” has been finally fired and glazed! After a nice conversation about the benefits of glazing here on WordPress with my dear friend Patty (thank you, Patty, without you I wouldn´t have had the idea to do this!), I decided to give my figurine a kind of semi-glaze. This means thatContinue reading “Ghostly Image Come to Life – The Glaze”

Sepia Sunday

  Since I started my blog here on WordPress I´ve discovered so many talented photographers whose work I love and give me daily inspiration. To this group especially belong Inese (Making Memories), Chris (Milford Street), Su (Zimmerbitch) and Emilio (Photos by Emilio A dear friend of mine gave me her camera as a present becauseContinue reading “Sepia Sunday”

Bow & Arrow

This is a new collaboration consisting of a new poem by my dear friend Syeda that she especially composed for this occasion and one of my drawings.     Forgotten art and hidden facts, You conceal my role and abilities. Always believed to be a man’s forte, You forget that it’s in my blood. MyContinue reading “Bow & Arrow”

Parts of My Boyfriend

(Dont worry: it´s not as gruesome as it may sound 😉 )   To practice drawing from a life model is something special and very exciting – for both the model and the artist (let me remind you here of that glorious scene in “Titanic” when Jack sketches Rose 😉 ).   That´s why I´veContinue reading “Parts of My Boyfriend”

“Heaven! I´m in Heaven…”

  Do you know this: when you´re ill some things don´t appeal to you as much as they normally do? For me, unfortunately, that´s how it is with coffee. 😦   After two weeks of involuntary deprivation I´ve been to my local Starbucks and enjoyed a big – BIG! – cup of my favoured blendContinue reading ““Heaven! I´m in Heaven…””

In Gratitude

At the beginning of this week my dear friend Syeda published an article about our friendship and art collaboration. Stunned and overwhelmed I furiously began thinking about how I could express my gratitude to her. The solution was obvious: I had to paint something especially for her! But what, I wondered.   I searched myContinue reading “In Gratitude”

Ghostly Image Come to Life (well, sort of;)

A couple of weeks ago I posted my ghostly image “The Silence” which was inspired by a painting of the same name by Henri Fuseli. Somehow I couldn´t let go of the image, it kind of lingered in my mind.   For that reason I decided to try something new and different, something that I´veContinue reading “Ghostly Image Come to Life (well, sort of;)”