Ghostly Image Come to Life (well, sort of;)

A couple of weeks ago I posted my ghostly image “The Silence” which was inspired by a painting of the same name by Henri Fuseli.

Somehow I couldn´t let go of the image, it kind of lingered in my mind.


For that reason I decided to try something new and different, something that I´ve never done before: I tried to make a clay model from my painting, to bring it to life so to speak 😉

Here´s the result of my experiment (made from white clay, yet to be fired and glazed):








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44 thoughts on “Ghostly Image Come to Life (well, sort of;)

      1. Yes, you mustn´t overexercise them. I know it´s more serious than that, but for short relief especially when you´re in front of the computer, it helps if you rub the palms of your hands very warm and lay them gently over your closed eyes. Warmth helps the muscles to relax. Learned that trick when I was doing some yoga;) A warm teabag is equally useful.
        Hope you´re getting better soon, my dear!! xoxo

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      2. Thank you for the idea!
        My blood sugar is very high, it is why my eyesight has worsened lately. Count your chocolates when you are young, before it is too late 😦

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      3. You´re welcome, I hope it helps a bit.
        The risk for diabetes runs high in my family, my grandparents on both sides got it as they grew older. Especially my mother´s father was a sweet-tooth, poor man. It wasn´t easy for him to hold a strict diet.
        I will keep my fingers crossed that your condition will improve very soon, Inese! Lots of love, Sarah xoxo

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      4. Aha! I´ve found it!! Unfortunately the comment section is closed, but then I´ll just have to tell you here how marvellous your faceless pictures are!!! I love that you did them in b/w which gives it even more mystery 🙂 They somehow remind me of victorian pictures made from the dead, although the model obviously is not and those pictures showed the faces. Quite somber but very , very beautiful, Inese! You´ve got such a wonderful and amazing talent! It´s always a joy to see your pictures and read your wise words! 🙂

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      5. Oh thank you, I am not wise at all! 🙂
        It was a set of eight pictures. In some of them you cannot tell is the model facing you, or is it her back. It was a big project, b&w film, and it is about mental health.

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      6. Having said that, it proofs even more that you are 🙂
        What a fascinating project, especially in reference to mental health! I´d love to see the others but I do understand that it would be too much trouble now for you to scan them, so I´ll just assume that they are as amazing as the ones you showed:)

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Patty!!
      No, I don´t have to and maybe I won´t, but at least I have to get it fired otherwise it wouldn´t be as durable as it could be. But it has to dry out first to minimize the risk of cracking. After the firing it will be very white though. I´ve to see how it that´ll look. I´m going to post it, so maybe you could give me some advice then?:) I´ll look forward to it! Have a wonderful day! Sarah 🙂

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      1. Dear Sarah, thank you for your response ! It’s just a matter of taste and since it’s a long time ago (at school) that I worked with these materials, I’ve forgotten if glazing is necessary, therefor my question 😉
        Regarding to glazing it or not: follow your own feeling as soon as you fired it. Someone who is able to create such a beautiful peace, will surely finish it beautiful also 🙂
        Good luck! Since it’s almost weekend…Have a great weekend! Kind regards, Patty

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      2. Dear Patty, I always love to hear the opinions of others no matter what the subject 🙂 Thank you so much for your lovely words – they give me the necessary courage to listen further to my gut – something I try to do most of the time;)
        And to answer your question further: glazing is in itself not really necessary, but it does give the clay even more durability than the firing process would on its own, especially if you plan for example to put the ceramic outside. There´s also the possibility to use a colourless glaze, but I often find that they do have a slight tinge of colour to them nonetheless and also they make the clay appear more cream or beige coloured which I don´t really like. Well, we will see soon enough what I´ll do with it, as it is going to be fired over the weekend 🙂
        Wish you also a beautiful weekend! Sarah 🙂 xoxo

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    1. Ahh – thank you so, so much! You really make me blush:)
      Of course I will share the further process with you – what a lovely idea!
      No, I don´t have kiln personally, but fortunately I´m allowed to use one that´s situated in a primary school where my mom works. She´s going into retirement though after the summer holidays, and after that I´m not sure, if I can it use anymore. But that´s something to worry about when the time has come! Now I´m going to make as much use of it as I can:) Have a great day! xoxo

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    1. Whoo-Hoo! Thank you so much, Lion! Though I´ve to admit I haven´t seen that particular film yet – I´m not sure if I could stomach it, being a horror movie… Wasn´t there another character with hair dangling before its face in the Addams Family? I think that I could handle;)

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