Parts of My Boyfriend

(Dont worry: it´s not as gruesome as it may sound 😉 )



To practice drawing from a life model is something special and very exciting – for both the model and the artist (let me remind you here of that glorious scene in “Titanic” when Jack sketches Rose 😉 ).


That´s why I´ve been nagging my boyfriend lately about letting me draw him.

At first he was quite reluctant, but after some heavy negotiations and my promise not to expose him completely, he finally agreed. 🙂


So, here I´m giving you parts of my boyfriend!




Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

28 thoughts on “Parts of My Boyfriend

  1. Great sketches! But what’s up with that foot? I see a part of a face at the bottom of the sole (is that the right word in English? ), below the toes 😉

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    1. Thank you, Patty!!
      Mmh, I don´t see it 😦 Normally I´m quite good at detecting faces in nearly everything: clouds, tree trunks, stones… You must be better at it! 🙂
      Well, rest assured, there´s no real face hiding underneath his foot (I´m thinking X-Files here;) ) Have a lovely monday! Sarah xoxo

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      1. hahaha, that would be creepy!
        The ‘ball’ of his foot (below the four toes) is like the underside of a face. In that ‘face’ I see a sad mouth and the beginning of a nose…Maybe you see it now, maybe you don’t. The sketch still is great anyway 😉
        The weather is great today so I’m outside with the dogs a lot, a lovely monday it already is 🙂 Thanks!

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      2. Hehehe! It definitely would be;)
        And now I do see what you mean! But the eyes are lacking, aren´t they? Isn´t it funny how we can see things that aren´t really there? My mom is absolutely fantastic at it.
        Hope you had a lovely walk with your dogs! Here it´s typical april weather: sunshine for 3 minutes, rain for 3 hours;) Mixed with racing clouds and icy winds. Not really inviting for a walk, which is why I prefer to work at my new painting;) Wish you a lovely week, Patty! xoxo


      3. Yippee! I’m glad you see it to now…Fieeeeuw, I’m not crazy 😉
        Over here the same weather conditions, so by every glimpse of the sun, you will find me outside 🙂
        Looking forward to see your painting, that is, if you going to share it…
        Until next time, X

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      4. Haha! No, you´re not crazy!;)
        Oh, I´m definitely going to share my painting with you – if I can finish it of course;) Everytime I start a new one, it seems to take ages to complete it…
        Have lovely dippings in the sun! xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂
      Wow! That must be wonderful to see! I always admire these artist very much and like to watch what and how they do it. But I would never dare to do the same – especially in public! Does he publish his sketches? I´d love to see them:)

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      1. He has a person pose and the sketch goes home with them, (he sometimes draws a crowd of spectators 🙂 I’ve taken a few pictures of a partial sketch and the model, but am reluctant to post other people’s pictures. He does sell his canvases (mostly ships) and I make prints of those for sale. I haven’t learned how I could show those on line without people being able to help themselves to his work.
        You shouldn’t be shy about drawing in public-you’re good at it.

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      2. Ah, I see. Yes, that´s actually a bit tricky, I think. There´s a possibility to have the pics water-marked though, I only know this from some architecture magazines online. This way people could still download them but the pictures would be slightly disturbed. This can be quite annoying, I imagine;)
        I´ve been thinking about doing some sketches in some art galleries and museums first, this way there wouldn´t be too many people watching me:)
        Wish you a lovely sunday! xoxo


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