Bow & Arrow

This is a new collaboration consisting of a new poem by my dear friend Syeda that she especially composed for this occasion and one of my drawings.


Bow and Arrow


Forgotten art and hidden facts,
You conceal my role and abilities.
Always believed to be a man’s forte,
You forget that it’s in my blood.

My father was one, brave and skilled,
Ready to face the enemy, in his own yard.
My mother was equally equipped,
She could face any threat to her home or nation.

My progeny is one to be envied,
For it’s in my genes to fight back.
Enemies may attack anytime, I know,
And every moment for me is a battle.

I will face and shield myself from every arrow,
But don’t forget my quiver is laced with them too,
And I know how to turn a living moment to death,
So don’t you count me out for being a woman.

I’m a Samurai, a warrior,
whose destiny lies in her weapons!


Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

39 thoughts on “Bow & Arrow

  1. Wow – I just finished commenting on Syeda’s site. The iamge and words together are a wonderful combination. It is important for girls to have the idea that women can be strong in this world. Very nice, Sarah….Cheers!

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    1. Thank you very much, Chris!! I couldn´t agree more with you on it being an important matter. Even in our modern times, there are still so many prejudices against women and their rights, and we need to be strong and keep fighting for them.

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  2. This is the second collaboration I see, since I started to follow you; love it again! Don’t know if you live close to each other, otherwise someday you can/should! share your beautiful art at a gallery 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Patty!
      That´s a wonderful idea, but unfortunately we don´t live close to each other – I´m in Berlin and Syeda lives in India!! So I guess, it would be a bit difficult to coordinate that;) But luckily we can do so many things online! Have a lovely sunday! xoxo

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      1. In Berlin! I’m in Germany too 😉 But near the border of The Netherlands, so still not that close 😦
        Yes, the internet is great if it comes to distant communication 🙂 Maybe you can create an online exhibition…I will certainly ‘visit’ it 🙂
        I had a lovely Sunday so far, thanX
        Have a nice evening and a great new week, X

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      2. Whoo-Hoo! That´s great! Do you speak german?
        I really like your idea of an online exhibition!! That´s definitely something I´ll keep in mind! And you would be our guest of honour:)
        Wish you a beautiful evening, too – it´s freezing here but the sky looks nice and blue:) Have a great week! xoxo

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  3. Reblogged this on This is my life! and commented:
    This was a wonderful gesture of my lovely friend Sarah.
    The trust she showed, to give me this sketch of hers and make me write something apt for her drawing, gave me a new motivation. It was a challenge to my words and I loved it!
    Thanks Sarah for making me think beyond my own scope and write something which I would never have tried! Lots of love and best wishes dear!
    Do visit her blog and see her wonderful drawings.

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