Sepia Sunday – The Chimney

Kopie von IMG_0648


Walking around Kreuzberg I saw this lonely chimney clinging at the wall …


44 thoughts on “Sepia Sunday – The Chimney

    • Thank you so much for you comment, Cathy!! 🙂 I appreciate it very much, knowing that you try not to “drown” in this wordpress ocean;)
      I don´t know the exact age of that chimney but considering the age of the buildings in that area it could be anything from 100 years to 50. It´s very possible that it was built after WW II because a very nearby synagoge was hit by a bomb, so I guess around 50 years is more plausible. Have a lovely week ahead of you!! xoxo 🙂

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      • Hi Cathy!! I´m so sorry for not getting back earlier – I´ve sunburned my eyes and sitting at the computer is not very pleasant right now 😦
        I´m sooo happy to be one of your favourites!!!!!!! 😀 This makes me smile, laugh and dance all at the same time!!! 😀 I´m sure I don´t have to tell you but I do it nonetheless: you´re also one of my favourites!!!!!!! 😉 Have a lovely day! XOXO

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      • Oh my, sunburned eyes…I’ve never done that, but can imagine it’s not at all pleasant. 😦 I hope they heal quickly. And no worries about when or if you reply; we all have lives outside of WordPress.
        You have such an engaging personality that it just shines through in all you do and say. How could you not be a favorite. 😀 And I’m honored you think the same of me!!! ❤️ I hope you’re having a marvelous day, Sarah.

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      • Ahh, Cathy! You always say such wonderful things to me… really you make me all teary!! (which is a good thing considering my sundried eyes 😉 ) It´s strange, but somehow I feel more conected to you already than to many other people outside WP… and not because of the comliments, but because of the way how we comunicate and share feelings through our art… Mmmh, hope I made myself clear? It´s difficult in a foreign language and I don´t want to say the wrong thing… 🙂
        Anyway, it´s an honour to know you and I love your writing!! 🙂 Wish you a beautiful weekend!! XOXO

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      • I feel that connection also, Sarah, and I think you’re right–it’s through our art. I don’t know any creative people outside of WP, so here is where I turn to fulfill that side of myself. And though I’m strictly a writer, I enjoy all of the creative arts. We who create share a bond that’s hard to forge with those who don’t know the need to create…and the joy.
        I love your work, and following your journey as you seek to expand your skill as an artist. You have have a great weekend as well, my friend!! ❤️

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      • Aww – this is so wonderful to hear/read!!! (Imagine me clapping my hands wildly like a sea-lion now and making funny happy noises 😉 )
        It is the same for me, really. Although I do know some creative people in person, they more or less choose to ignore what other people do, and in this case that´s me 😉 , and only concentrate on themself. I find this behaviour rather weird as I really love watching or reading or hearing etc other people´s art. And like you it´s here on WP where I finally meet people who seem to feel just the same about it and it´s so amazing and overwhelming sometimes. That´s why I wasn´t really aware of the presence of that special bond before, but I do feel it now and it is sooo wonderful 🙂 As with you, I so much love your writings!!! There´s so much power in your words, wether you choose to write it dark, bloody, creepy or – as luckily is sometimes the case too 😉 – full of light and hope.
        Next to the visual arts, it´s stories and words that impress me the most and make my imagination fly, so therefore my respect for everyone who writes couldn´t be any bigger 🙂
        And I haven´t forgotten about that “ghostly image” I want to paint in regard to you short story with the winged girl, I already made some sketches! 🙂 Have a beautiful day, my dear friend!! 🙂 xoxo

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      • Would you believe I had this long answering comment all typed in, and when I hit send, it disappeared somewhere into cyberspace. Argrrrr…I don’t know why that happens sometimes, but it’s really irritating.
        I’ll just say I agree with what you wrote regarding the WordPress community, and that I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with Morphia. 🙂
        I’m so far behind reading and commenting on posts, I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up. Have a marvelous day, Sarah!❤️

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      • Oh no! I´m so sorry! It hasn´t disappeared! It´s just that I have the comment function set the way that I have to “approve” of it first. I did that because of a few “trolls” that came across my site and really bothered me 😦
        And after posting I usually shut the PC down and look at it after a few hours, otherwise I would just sit here and wait anxiously if anyone liked what I posted 😉 That´s why you couldn´t see it. Hope you understand and don´t mind? xoxo

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  1. I am loving Sepia Sunday’s, please keep it up. Maybe you could do Monochrome Mondays (that would fit) Tawdry Tuesdays, White Wednesdays, Feverish Fridays and Saturated Saturdays. Can’t think of anything for Thursdays sorry.

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  2. Yes, I’ve seen that self-centeredness in a few artists–mostly writers–here on WordPress, but the vast majority cheer each other on. I think no matter what medium one works in, most who create have more of an appreciation of all the fields of art than those who stare at a TV or play video games in all their spare time. We know that a part of our soul goes into every piece we create, and so do our peers. I love visual art, and have so much admiration for people, such as you, who can mold something into a thing of beauty, paint, draw, take awesome photographs. And singers and songwriters…it’s just, wow!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with Morphia. It’s a wonderful feeling to know my work inspired you.
    Have a fantastic day, Sarah. ❤️

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    • That´s exactly it!! I mean, staring at the TV can be relaxing from time to time and I do love to watch movies and so on, but I would just die of boredom if this were all I would do in my free time!! And I totally agree: there really is a very special part of in every little piece I create, and I think this is what appeals to others when they see it. That tiny bit of soul we twine into it, and which shines through so clearly of your writing, for example. It´s unique and unmistakeable. It´s weird, when I´m talking about this with people who don´t create, they usually look at me as if I should be send to the next asylum! But I don´t think, that´s the way you look right now 😉
      I really hope I will meet your expectations in regard to Morphia! It´s so challenging and exciting! Enjoy your weekend, Cathy! xoxo
      P.S. Your new gravatar suits you very well 🙂

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