Anopheles – POEM

I really have to share this awesome poem with you – it´s deliciously scary and tremendously well written!! If you haven´t come across Lion´s fantastic blog yet, go visit it NOW! You won´t regret it! 🙂

It inspired me to do this little sketch of the “hero” if you want to call her that (as I´m sure you know, it´s only the female mosquitoes that do the deed…).





copyright Charles Krabs


When that pupal skin splits..

I tread water and wait to dry,
In a godlike manner,
This pond was once my manor,
but now I must fly,
and now I’m despised,
Cos’ me and my army make the deaf privilleged,
We’ll pillage a village,
..or two,
The villains who witness, that blood is not red, but blue.


And chances are,
You’ve bled when we used a tube,
and left your veins abused.
I’m a noisy acupuncturist,
and you’re thinking,
I ought to have you done for this.
But what’s the harm?
It’s just a bit of blood between friends,
From your leg, face or arm.
If I’ve been spotted you might just extent,
a hand,
Resulting in a bloodied palm,
but the sullied calm is short.
My swarm will attack, from their aeronautical fort,
but of course,
You can net the windows and spray a…

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Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

10 thoughts on “Anopheles – POEM

  1. The one you sketched look like very vicious one. It has malicious face when drawing blood than just having a meal for a living 🙂 That goes well with the poem. But it’s just a bit of blood between friends 🙂 I am only afraid of blood drawing transmitted disease, this small Dracula gets to me too 🙂

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