Broken Face (Inspired Poetry)

My dear friend Syeda just posted this awesome poem that she´d written in response to one of my drawings and I´m totally over the moon!!! Please read it, visit her wonderful blog if you haven´t already done so and enjoy the beauty of her words!!!

Syeda F.R.

The time has come again, for me to be amused by my muse ?;)
This one is inspired by Sarah’s sketch titled Broken Face – you should see the sketch to have a better idea behind my poem.
Please have a look at her blog and her beautiful sketches! ??

They broke my wings,
Left me incapable of flying,
Yet when they desired a display,
They demanded, I should soar high!

They broke my heart,
And let me cry over its pieces,
But when they ordered,
I had to hide those tears inside.

They broke my spirit
Leaving me distraught.
No mercy I expected off them
And they didn’t disappoint.

With every piece of mine that fell,
I crumbled like a damaged figurine.
The only part left of me now, which you behold,
Are the sealed lips, enclosing veiled mysteries of my life.


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16 thoughts on “Broken Face (Inspired Poetry)

  1. Always an amazing feeling to pick up from your sketches, and use some words to describe how I felt on seeing them. 🙂
    Stay blessed and happy dear!
    Good night, from India!! 😑

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