Et tu, Brute?



Here comes another broken plaster face I did a drawing of.

The accusing expression on it somehow reminded me of the classical phrase “Et tu, Brute?” (You too, Brutus?), which Julius Caesar is supposed to have uttered whilst receiving the final stab by his friend and adopted son Brutus.

Although there´s is no evidence that he actually said that (and how could there be since voice recording hasn´t been invented yet around 44 BC?), Shakespeare used them in his play “Julius Caesar” and thus these words have become common knowledge and signify the utmost betrayal.

Luckily I haven´t been stabbed to death, but from experience I kind of know anyway how Julius Caesar must have felt… 😦

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

24 thoughts on “Et tu, Brute?

  1. I can totally see how you made that connection. It’s a good drawing, made more powerful by the word association. Hope you’re having a good weekend Sarah. Cheers, Su.

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    1. Thank you so much, Léa!!! 🙂 So lovely to see you´re back 😀
      I´m sorry, but I don´t know the meaning of “my F. of O.” – could you explain it to me? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! 🙂 xoxo ❤

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      1. All right, now I get the joke! 😉 Thank you for explaining and I´m so embarrased I didn´t know! :0
        Good things need time to get finished, so the longer it takes, the better it gets 😉 Well, that´s what I´m always telling myself at least 😉
        Wish you a bonne weekend aussi, mon amie 🙂 xoxo ❤

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      2. It was thoughtless of me to assume you would and I do apologise. Ah, time to get finished, the story of my life! 😉 Have a great week Sarah. 🙂 xoxo ❤

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  2. I’m with you Sarah…it has an accusing expression. Beautiful captured!!
    Hope you’re enjoying the weekend, not to much problems with the rain?
    Have a lovely Sunday, X

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    1. Thank you very much, Patty!! 🙂
      Luckily no rain here – yet! The weather forecast is changing every few hours though 😉 It´s best not to listen to them and just go out and enjoy the day 🙂 Have a lovely sunday, too, dear! xoxo

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      1. Well, we lost even power (and therefor no internet) a couple of time due to some short heavy rain with blizzards…brrr
        Luckily the sun is shining again today 🙂

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      2. Oh, that sounds awful, Patty 😦 Last week we had a lot of storms here, and the lightning and thunder were very frightening near my home 😦 Hope it will get better! Wish you a lovely da!! 🙂

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  3. oh my goodness – did you know that my spouse and I have a joke about this exact line – I will have to share it another time – but Miss G – I have to tell you how grateful I am to have crossed blog paths this spring – I believe I have Milford Street to thank for the connection…. but your artist side – your lit background – and and photography are tasty good and are just the umph I needed –
    and your humor – the last line – LMAO – haahahhah and glad you haven’t; been stabbed to death too –

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    1. It definitely is a good line to have a joke about! 😉 I, too, use it more or less frequently and lament about things then 😉 Look forward to hear your story about it!
      And thank you sooooo much for your compliments!!! I´m also very glad we connected here (I agree, it´s been Chris´ “fault” 😉 )!!! I´ll be looking forward to more exchanges in the future!!! 😀

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