Sepia Sunday – On the Edge


Pinetree on the edge of “Kleiner Wannsee” (Little Wannsee)


I found this tree while enjoying a walk along the “Kleiner Wannsee” (Little Wannsee – the word “see” means lake) that connects the “Großer Wannsee” (Big Wannsee) with the Pohlesee.

It´s not far from the rowing club I´ve been a member of when I was at high school. We used to train here because this little lake is not as frightening as the big one where steamboats for the tourists sail along and stir up the water.

A couple of times we even landed the rowing boat on a little beach when we were out of sight (which was strictly forbidden – the landing part, not the out-of-sight part of course 😉 ) and went swimming instead. 🙂


Wish you all a Happy (Sepia) Sunday!!!



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