Birds of a Feather (inspired painting)

Ghostly Image: Morphia (june 2016, acrylic on canvased paper)

Sometimes when I read a story or a poem, images just pop up into my head and fill me with the wish to fix them on paper or a canvas.

This is what happened when I read this truly magnificent and original short story “Birds of a Feather” by my dear friend Mary Cathleen Clark.

Some stories stay with you, no matter how much time goes by, and this definitely is one of them! Its dark beauty lured me into it from the first sentence, it grabbed me and didn´t let go.

For me, Mary Cathleen Clark is an exceptional writer who unflinchingly lays open the deepest depths of human hearts and characters.

I know that many bloggers shrink back from reading posts that exceed a certain number of words, but let me assure you, that you won´t regret reading this piece from start to finish! (I´m not even sure, if it´s possible not to read on when you´ve crossed over the first sentences. 😉 )


So, this one is for you, my friend…

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Artist & Illustrator

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