I remember


My grandma holding me in her arms


I remember my grandma very often. Today would be her birthday and she would now be 90 years old. Sadly she passed away over twenty years ago but I never forget her birthday.

This post wasn´t really planned though. It more or less came into being because of my friend Su from over at Zimmerbitch who shared with us a beautiful picture at the beginning of this week that shows her mother holding Su´s son in her arms.

This picture reminded me very much of the one that´s been standing on my desk for years now. It shows my grandma with me in her arms standing in front of the water basin of the seals at the Berlin Zoo. As you can see, I wasn´t very much interested in having a picture taken from me but was more eager to join those beautiful seals (an urge that hasn´t ceased 😉 )

The other picture shows her beautifully posing for the camera somewhere in Italy (Venice or Verona, my mom is not quite sure which one it was).

My grandma was a truly wonderful person, full of love, laughter and songs and I loved her very, very much and although it doesn´t hurt anymore that she´s gone I still miss her a lot.

Her positive attitude towards life was even more impressive considering that she had a very tough life. Born between the wars, and left alone to bring up 4 children all by herself, she was always determined on making the best out of a difficult situation.

I clearly remember my overnight-stays and holidays with her. We always had such a wonderful time, cooking my favourite food 😉 , staying up late and watching a movie in bed together, or just fooling aroung. 🙂 She had a very lovely voice and sang to me every night before going to bed. She was the best grandma I could have wished for.



38 thoughts on “I remember

  1. This was a really special post honoring your grandmother and answering all the lovely comments about grandmother’s, Sarah.
    Your grandmother was beautiful inside and out. I enjoyed how you expressed this.
    Your photo with her is so sweet. The one of her as a young woman is beautiful.
    Her inner strength is worthy of admiration. Taking care of siblings during war times is stressful and challenging.
    Hugs sent your direction from a Mom of grown children (31, 35 and 36) and seven grandies, baby up to 12 and 1/2 years old. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for reading and for your wonderful words, Robin! You’ve made me very happy with it. 😄
      I am so grateful for the time I had with her though it was a short one (I was 11 when she passed).
      My mom resembles her very much in her appearance, more so with every year, which is both wonderful and unsettling a bit.
      Hugs&Kisses! 😄


  2. Your grandmother must have been a special person for you to have kept such warm memories of her for so many years. I was also very close to my maternal grandmother, although she couldn’t sing and we never really cooked together. She did have a phenomenal memory for conversations, though, and could recount them like a tape recorder long after they happened. It was a remarkable thing to witness. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Bun!! 🙂 Well, I never said that she could cook good, did I? 😉 But since it was – and still is – Spaghetti there wasn´t much she could do wrong apart from overcooking the noodles or burning the sauce 😉
      Wow! Your grandmother had a truly amazing gift! Must have been difficult to tell her: “No, I never said that!” 😉 With a talent like that she could have worked for some secret agencies before all those voice recording devices were invented! It´s wonderful that you have such great memories of her. Wish you a lovely week! Sarah

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  3. How beautiful! I also had two wonderful grandmothers that I still miss every single day. I write about them often. Grandmothers are a tremendous blessing and an absolute treasure. They help shape the formative years of childhood. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thank you so much, Betty!! 🙂 Feeling those hugs and giving them right back to you, my friend!! 🙂 The world would definitely be a sadder place if it were not fot those lovely grandmas!! Have a lovely sunday! xoxo

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  4. Sarah, these are beautiful photos, and both really capture the grandmother you describe. She sounds like a wonderful woman and I’m glad you were able to spend time with her as a child. These images are treasures; little reminders of love and happiness. Happy weekend my friend.

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      • I know what you mean. I have two photos of me and my grandmother together, and one of her with my son. She was 90 when he was born, and he only met her once, but he claims to remember it — even though he was very young at the time. I believe him; she was memorable. xx

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      • That´s so lovely and I absloutely believe that he remembers it – we all have those little glimpses from the time we didn´t even really talk, it´s mostly feelings and scents we remember but they can be quite powerful. It´s the same with my granddad who died when I was too young to actually remember him, but I somehow do… 🙂 xoxo ❤

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      • Yes! I’m the same with my grandad. He died when I was 4, but I have very strong sense memories of him; the smell of tobacco, the taste of raspberry flavoured ice-lollies, and the saltiness of crisps. I have some visual memories, but they aren’t as strong.

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      • My great grandad always had a bag of Imperial Mints tucked down the side of his chair. The smell of peppermint will always be associated with him. Oh I’m getting teary; another member of my family that I remember with such love.

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      • Ah, that´s good then 🙂 I really was worried! Thank you again for giving me the idea to this post, it´s so comforting to share these feelings about my grandparents with all my friends here! I wish I could remember my great grandparents as well, but they died years before I was born. Luckily my mom told me a lot of stories about them, so in a way, I do nevertheless.


  5. Hi! Well cool photos – the Italy shot shows her fun attitude and the one with you in her arms must be a joy to see all the time! And wondering how cute the seals were…..
    Also i love to hear how folks get inspired for posts – and I try and share it when it happens to me too – and well when u shared about Su – well I know that photo and juts smiled – how fun to be in blogosphere community – peace – xxoo

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  6. A lovely write up for your grandmother. The story also reminds me of my aunt who passed away and I missed her. The story also cracks a smile about your urge hasn’t ceased to join those beautiful seals 🙂

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