Sepia Sunday – Glimpse


Berlin Cathedral glimpsed through an opening in the Friedrichs Bridge, July 2016


As I was crossing the Friedrichs Bridge to get to the Museum Island here in Berlin, I accidentally dropped something on the ground.

Normally that´s nothing I would care telling you about, but this time, whilst retrieving my possession, I heard a honking tourist steamer coming nearer. So I crawled closer to one of the openings of the bridge and made this picture of the Berlin Cathedral and the tourist boat in front of it.

Hope you like it and wish you all a wonderful Sepia Sunday!


31 thoughts on “Sepia Sunday – Glimpse

    • Thank you so much, Chris!! 🙂 It really is one of my favourite parts of Berlin – so full with history and beautiful architecture! Crawling around on the ground really seems to help making better pictures, doesn´t it? 😉 Have a great day! Cheers!

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