New Life


Moorhen feeding its little chick


It´s not easy sighting those little chicks living in a pond nearby my home. The reed is very cleverly used as camouflage. But early in the morning when there are not many people around, you can be lucky and catch a glimpse of them.


Moorhen chicks waiting for breakfast 😉
Eurasian Coot with chick
Swan Cygnets

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

33 thoughts on “New Life

    1. Thank you, Inese!! 🙂 I know you like them and I was very lucky indeed! They are so cute and adorable. Just watched the moorhens feeding their chicks so lovingly again, unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera with me! But to be honest, sometimes it´s just nice to enjoy the surroundings without it 😉

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  1. Aww, look at the birds having a great time! The babies are just enjoying the nice weather while watching mom and dad go about their humble day. I cannot believe you got such close pictures of them all, jeez girl! These birds are probably like “can we have some privacy please” LOL. This is amazing that they didn’t attack you or try to fly away, they must have liked the attention 😛


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    1. Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment, Shay-lon!! 🙂
      I also felt with those parents, they were really busy getting something suitable to eat 😉 So now, apart from maybe being an assassin/ninja, I´ve also become a papparazzo – but only for animals 😉
      Have a wonderful day!! 🙂 xoxo

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      1. Haha! Perfect! Yes, very true. Now you have three different jobs going on! LOL maybe you will make those birds famous. I can see it now “bird vogue” magazine, ha.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Léa!! 🙂 Brugge definitely is on my need-to-see list ever since that film with Colin Farrell 😉 That was such a hilarious film 🙂 Have a beautiful day! xoxo

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      1. I am not familiar with the film but visited Brugge six years ago for all too short a time on the way to Holland. What are you waiting for? 😉 😉 xoxo

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