Takin´Care of Business

Dear fellow-bloggers and friends! 🙂

The last couple of months have been a real blast for me here on WordPress!

I´ve met so many wonderful people with fantastic blogs that I love to follow and I am so glad to call them my friends now. 🙂 (You know who you are, don´t you? 😉 )

We communicate on a nearly daily basis and I want to thank you all soooooooooo much for your lovely comments and support – you don´t know how much that means to me!!!

The only drawback I´ve come to realize now is that by spending 2 – 4 hours daily in front of the computer my creativity suffered from a substantial decrease. 😦

That´s not because I´ve run out of ideas but because I´m simply too exhausted to do much else after work and blogging.

I haven´t touched my brushes in weeks now and feel a more than nagging sense of deprivation.

As my dear friend Cathy (https://marycathleenclark.com/) commented so aptly a few months ago: “Help! I´m drowning in the Ocean WordPress!”

That´s kind of how I feel now, too, and I think it´s time to cut back on my blog, at least just for a little while. Or, in other words: to take care of my business 😉

So, instead of 3 blog posts a week, I´m going to post only twice from now on, but hope to get back to full mode in a couple of weeks or so.

This should help me finding my way back and also allow me to keep reading your lovely blogs on a regular basis, a habit of which I´ve grown very fond of 🙂

I do hope you´ll understand my decision and keep visiting me from time to time. 🙂




Sarah xxx



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43 thoughts on “Takin´Care of Business

  1. What’s the use of blogging if you can’t enjoy it? I’m always thinking about cutting back but never do. One of these days….

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    1. Too true!! But to be honest: I don´t want you to cut back – but that´s just me being selfish 😉 Of course, I´ll understand if you do 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Emilio! Have a wonderful day!


      1. That was nice of you to say. Thanks. I do have a lot to post. Maybe not writing as much will be helpful. But I always feel like I want to say something. We’ll see.

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      2. You´re very welcome 😀 Well, I would definitely miss the written part of your posts, but would also understand if you feel the need to keep it short (for a time! 😉 )
        Have a great day! 🙂


    1. Lol! Thank you, Patty! 🙂 And I agree: it does feel a little bit too much, will see how it works out and reajust my schedule to once a week, if I feel the need to. Have a lovely evening!!! 🙂 xoxo

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  2. Sarah, I certainly understand what you mean. I have had this debate myself several times. It is very time consuming to not only post, but to also spend time reading the many wonderful and interesting blogs here. Have fun with your projects, and I look forward to chatting with you when you are available!

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, L.T.!!! 🙂 It´s so good to know that it´s not just me who feels a little bit overwhelmed 😉 Also looking very much forward to chatting with you!! Have a great week! xxxxx

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  3. Sarah,
    You are not allowed to blog less, LOL You should be blogging more. Haha. I will start a petition to bring you back to 3-4 days a week, Lmao! What am I paying you for? hahahahahaha! I am kidding. I honestly understand what you mean when you say WordPress consumes 2-4 hours and leaves you exhausted when you are finished, I honestly spend that much time and sometimes more due to the fact I am blogging on 4 sites and maintaining all my social media as well. It becomes so hard to live my life, work, soon college again and then blogging for 4 sites and one that I am not allowed to take breaks unless I let them know ahead of time. I also need to be studying for my state exam and have YET to do that because I have been blogging so much. I think like you have mentioned, sometimes it is best to take a wordpress break when necessary. Thank you for posting this because this made me feel better about taking a needed time away when necessary so that I can maintain other aspects of my life.


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    1. LOL! Shay-lon you are a STAR!!! I laughed so hard when I read you comment – thank you soooo much for your lovely words, you absolutely made my day!!! 😀 Yeah, I wish the day had more than just 24 hours – that way it would be possible to handle everything and maybe have a little free extra time as well 😉 Wow! Your schedule sounds incredibly tough! I hope you´ll find enough time for your exam – that´s so important! I also got an invitation to blog on another site but asked if it would be possible to start in early autumn, and guess what they said? No problem, dear!! Isn´t that great?! I think it´s not only ok to take a break from time to time but also necessary to refill your energy. So if you start feeling like everything is getting out of sorts a bit, just try to reajust your priorities. It´s easier than I thought it would be and the feedback had been awesome! But I know the seductive call of social media 😉 Sometimes I wish I could be on an island for a couple of weeks without any connection to the outside world, like a detox-tour 😉 Wish you a great week, my friend!!! 🙂 xxxxx

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      1. I am glad I could make your day full of giggles! I had to make sure you knew I was against your leave of absence LOL .
        Congrats on being asked to join another blog site! this is wonderful, are you nervous? you will need to keep me updated on it, I think that would be so amazing! You have done incredible things with your page and it is well deserved with the amount of work you put into your blog page on wordpress. I hope I find time as well, you are correct when you say that sometimes we need to prioritize our life and make sure we get what needs to be done out of the way first before we start something new. Social media holds me hostage everyday, Sarah…somedays longer than others. I guess I never knew what all went into keeping a blog and having an audience; it is a full-time job!! LOL no one warned me 😛
        When you decide to leave for that Island, bring me along..please and thank you 😀
        Hugs, Shay-lon

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      2. You did definitely make sure that I knew you´re against it! 😉
        I´m totally nervous about the other blog opportunity!!! Luckily I have time to get accostumed to it 🙂 Will tell you as soon as it starts but it won´t be before September, I think. Can you give me the links to your other blogs?? Would love to see them! 🙂
        Thank you sooooo much for your lovely compliments about my blog!!!!!! 😀 You make my heart sing with joy! 😀
        And I couldn´t agree more with you: I also didn´t know what all went into keeping a blog – it really is a full-time job, though without getting paid for it 😉
        Of course I ´ll tell you when I set out for that island 😉 We need to decide before who brings what 😉
        Have a very beautiful day! xoxoxoxo

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      3. I was nervous as well, no worries 😀 It made my heart jump, especially since it is an up and coming blog site, and they are still building on it. Just when you think wordpress has A TON of bloggers and then you hop on another blogging site and realize.. there is EVEN MORE! haha. I try not to look at them as competition but as friends, because when you compete, you wear yourself thin, and when you make friends, you can help one another, ya know? If it wasn’t for people yourself, I would be a lost puppy when it comes to blogging. The craziest thing is I had someone reach out to me on this site today asking for advice with writing about fitness and health, and I could only think “I was once there, asking fellow bloggers how to go about things”, it was all very new to me. I think I gave her good advice but wanted her to explore on her and learn what works for her and not follow me 😛 ( I am a bad example) hahaha.
        Why, yes I can share the links, don’t tell anyone but many of my post on this site I have posted on the others because it takes too much time to do different topics all the time, so if you don’t mind repetitiveness, then by all means: http://shay-lonm.blogspot.com/
        my tumblr account: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/omgfitnessfanatic
        Facebook blogging page, ect- https://www.facebook.com/ShayFitnessWonderWoman/

        my last blogging site will have to wait at the moment, until they complete our pages and stuff like that, it is still under construction, as is my facebook fitness site. Once I get my personal training cert, it will be more inviting 😀
        Once you start blogging on your new site, share the link with me as well! I say we don’t tell anyone we are leaving, and use stealth to get past people who ask 😛
        Thank you Sarah, xoxo!

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      4. “I try not to look at them as competition but as friends, because when you compete, you wear yourself thin, and when you make friends, you can help one another, ya know?” Very wise words, Shay-lon!!! I couldn´t agree more! And I think it´s a wonderful compliment when asked for advice, and you definitely deserve as many compliments as possible!! 😀 Your blog is awesome and always so much fun to read – I´m sorry when I´m not commenting as often as I would like but I hope to do better when my “break-periode” here is over 😉
        Thank you for the links, will look them up as soon as I can! And don´t worry about using your posts twice – that´s absolutely normal I´ve been told and makes sense.I´m sure I´ll do exactly the same thing once I get started at that other platform 😉 Have a very lovely weekend! xxxxxx

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      5. Well I went out of town to spend time with someone, we stayed in a hotel, tried to new restaurants, went to a HUGE nature park and went hiking. LOL, we visited the mall and pretty much just enjoyed each others company. The simple things.

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  4. Posting once a week is all right too. Many bloggers are posting once a week – it gives enough time to think through. No worries, everyone will visit as usual :). It is not the amount that matters.

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    1. Aww – thank you so much!!! 🙂 I will see how it works out, if it´s still too tight a schedule than I will post only once. And you´re absolutely right: it´s the content that matters 😀 Have a lovely week! xxxxxx

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  5. I’m glad you’re cutting back here, Sara. Those of us who have a craft we need and want to experience have to set priorities or we don’t have time to follow our individual muses, and if that happens, we can get a little out of sorts.
    Do what you need to, my friend. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Cathy, for your wise words and understanding! Although I really love spending time here it just got a little too much and my head kind of started buzzing! And if that happens I´m not much good at creating stuff 😦 I need a certain level of inner calm to get into that place where I can create… Hopefully that will be the case again soon! Can´t wait for it to happen! 🙂

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      1. I also need calm to create…stress and distractions muddle my brain. Maybe some people work well with multiple irons in the fire, but I don’t. Here’s hoping you find that inner serenity soon, Sarah. 🍸😊🍸

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  6. I certainly understand! My husband asks why blogging takes so much time when I post once or twice a week. It’s because of my fellow bloggers, wanting to read all the wonderful things they have to say. Speed reading, anyone? -Jennie-

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  7. I understand Sarah, I know how WP can swallow our time! Take care of your business and I will be here to read when you post. Take care – have fun – enjoy your favorite things in life! 🙂

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