Sepia Spell – Friedrichs Bridge

Friedrichs Bridge, Summer 2016

The Friedrichs Bridge is one of my favourite bridges in Berlin. It has been built in 1703 and restored in the last years and serves now solely as a pedestrian bridge in Berlin Mitte.

It crosses the Spree and connects the mainland to the Museum Island – one of my favourite places in Berlin 🙂

Normally it´s crowded with tourists but early in the morning you can have it all for yourself.

From here you also have a beautiful view of the Berlin Cathedral which I´m going to share with you next time!



Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

27 thoughts on “Sepia Spell – Friedrichs Bridge

  1. Wonderful capture indeed. Really need to visit Berlin some time…
    How are your other art-projects going? Don’t forget to share every now and then your beautiful work, dear Sarah.
    Have a lovely new week, XxX

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  2. Beautiful, I am sure walking early in the morning and having the bridge to oneself is quite relaxing and reflective. Thanks Sarah for sharing, I look forward to seeing the Berlin Cathedral! Happy Sunday my dear friend. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Terry!!! I really appreciate you and your wonderful comments and always look forward to it!!! 🙂 You´re spot on: it is very relaxing and reflecting walking on that bridge! Maybe I should make a video just like you did from your wonderful bike tour last time 😀 Have a happy and relaxed day, dear friend!!! xxxxx

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