Belated Merry Christmas! 

Actually I wanted to post this pic of my poinsettia on Christmas Sunday but due to my current problem with my internet provider I’m relying on free WiFi from the local library or a cafe at the moment, both of which were naturally closed during the hols. I hope your holidays went great. Mine IContinue reading “Belated Merry Christmas! “

Winter Solstice 

My lovely friend Patty asked me again if I’d like to contribute to the wonderful blog “The Strix” that she’s a part of and also administrating. Although she gave me a huge head-start I hardly found the time to come up with an idea for this topic’s theme, the winter solstice, and already told her that I couldn’tContinue reading “Winter Solstice “


  Christmas draws nearer and nearer and I´m awfully busy making self-made gifts for friends and family – like every year I promise myself to start earlier than before, and like every year I utterly fail to keep that promise… 😉 This year I decided to spice up my gifts with little sheeps that canContinue reading ““Baa!””