The Strix ~ Authentic

Another topic, another getting together of same-minded creative souls! Again I thank The Strix for letting me participate in this post´s topic 🙂

I´m so sorry for not having reblogged this sooner and also for not having replied to all your wonderful comments in the past days!
Due to a minor emergency surgery yesterday that´s hopefully going to help me to find some relief from the pains caused by a sinusitis I carry with me for over 4 weeks now, I´m going to take a while to recover properly. But I promise to get to it rather sooner than later 🙂

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

25 thoughts on “The Strix ~ Authentic

    1. Thank you very much, Su! I’m also taking quite strong antibiotics and can’t do much else than lie in my bed and wait…
      I’m still feeling haunted by that picture but it helps to share it with you all…
      xxxxxxx 😄😚

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