The Strix ~ Authentic

Another topic, another getting together of same-minded creative souls! Again I thank The Strix for letting me participate in this post´s topic 🙂

I´m so sorry for not having reblogged this sooner and also for not having replied to all your wonderful comments in the past days!
Due to a minor emergency surgery yesterday that´s hopefully going to help me to find some relief from the pains caused by a sinusitis I carry with me for over 4 weeks now, I´m going to take a while to recover properly. But I promise to get to it rather sooner than later 🙂

The Strix

~ The Only You ~

Give me your bold truth

show me your whole face

reveal me your entire heart

peel back your camouflaged layers

tell me your past, your past’s past

feed me your version of facts

open up your naked soul raw

read me no narratives false

underneath the molded mask

lifetimes of crevices and cracks

tears left miles of salty marks

but so did smiles with their spark

creased by giggles, laced with love

every line I kiss, every line adored

authentically you

the only


I want

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


~ Das eigene Haus – Your Own Home; street photography Berlin, 2016 ~

The meaning of art is slightly different in art than for instance what it means in philosophy. Everything I do is authentic, because it was me who did it. Therefore, all I create is authentic. The photograph…

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