The Strix ~ Nurture

Haven´t been able to participate this time, but am going to reblog it nevertheless! 🙂 xxx

The Strix

Unfortunately, Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join this time at our collaboration for Nurture, a wonderful topic chosen by Emily. Grateful and happy Manuel was able to step in at the last minute and also excited and honored Jonathan accepted our invitation to create a piece of art for The Strix.

We hope you will enjoy these pieces of art, as much as we feel during the creation process.


Nurture ~ Haiku

your tender hands touch

love breaks walls, defense crumbles

my heart’s scars soften

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm



How bleak and empty looks the future
Without your tender, loving nurture
That you pour out upon me so freely
Like mother with bade in her fine arms
Keeping it soundly safe from all harms
Such that I cannot fail to be thankful
And in your loving presence gleeful
For the compassion you give…

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10 thoughts on “The Strix ~ Nurture

    • You´re welcome, Patty! 🙂
      Ahh, better not talk about it… but it seems there´s some bacterial residue left which causes me some pain again… 😦 Will have to force my way into that practice again… not really looking forward to it though, it´s like fighting a dragon! Just because they didn’t treat it right at the first time… damn!
      Have a lovely weekend too! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • I only return what you deserve, Sarah. You show a giving heart and say such kind, interesting comments! I am having a busy but happy week. I heard my 12 year old grandson playing his bass (cello) in a middle school orchestra. Such a wonderful evening tonight. 🙂 Take care of yourself, dear! Do you try eating oranges for colds and carrots for eyes? I used to make a shredded carrots in orange jello salad. Sometimes adding pineapple bits, if I remembered! xo

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, Robin! 🙂 You make me so happy! 🙂 I´m truly blessed with a wonderful friend like you! 🙂 ❤
        Oh, the cello! I love that instrument! There are so lovely musical pieces for that, for example by Bach, the Cello Suite No. 1, one of my favorites 🙂
        There are not many oranges anymore around here in the shops, I think the time has passed, but I eat a lot of healthy veggies that are full with vit c, so I think that will help too. Carrot salad is great, isn´t it? I try to it very often too 🙂 Hope your eyes have improved over the last months and that you won´t need more surgery!! xoxo


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