The Strix ~ Summer

Another wonderful collaboration by different artists – this time the topic was “Summer”. Since it´s early spring around where I live, I chose for this post photographs I had taken (and already published) last summer 😉 Confronted with my suggestion that my friend Patty, the blog administrator of The Strix could choose which picture she liked best, she decided to arrange all of them in a beautiful collage!

The Strix

This time the topic was chosen by John and I thought ‘Summer? Spring hasn’t even really started yet’. Then I realized, Summer did start in parts of the world already, as it also did where John lives. The Summer season may remind you of blue skies, with the sun shining bright, bringing warmth into your life again. However, if you’re in pain (mentally, physically, emotionally, financially) the sun might not make you feel better.

This month we’ve got requests from two great artists to create for a collaboration. We love to have others joining us and are sure, you will appreciate the entries of both S Francis and Janki, as much as we do.

We hope this collaboration gives you food for thought and also helps you to remind: there are more people in the world who might go through the ‘Summer blues’. However, don’t forget either, as cliché as…

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22 thoughts on “The Strix ~ Summer

    • Thank you very much, Rose!! 🙂
      I adore the works of Blake – he was a genius! A bit crazy perhaps but I quite think that´s necessary when creating something extraordinaire 🙂
      Have a lovely day! 🙂 xoxo ❤


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