6th of May – International No Diet Day

Today is the International No Diet Day!


Cream Tea, anyone? Homemade scones with homemade strawberry jam, double cream and a cup of Yorkshire tea,  May 2017


Having already declared my passion for cakes of all kinds on this blog, and being guilty of having a sweet tooth, it should be of no surprise to you that I´m not a fan of dieting.

In fact, I´ve never even done one in my life.

Why? Because I don´t believe it´s a good and healthy way of living to deprive oneself of the things that might not nourish the body in an appropriate fashion but do nourish the soul.

Don´t get me wrong, I am not having cream tea, cake or croissants each and everyday of my life – although I wouldn’t mind it 😉 But first I believe if one indulges too often in these yummy kind of things, they quickly begin to loose their appeal and become normal instead of wonderful. And second to eat in abundance like that really isn´t very healthy.

I´ve found that with many things in life, temperance or moderation is indeed a virtue, the right balance of things – not too much and not too little, be it sports, work or food, just like the Greeks, Aristotle or Plato for instance, always preached.

The International No Diet Day is an annual celebration of body acceptance. It is in fact also promoting a healthy life style, just with the difference to emphasize that dieting is potentially dangerous and often unlikely to be successful.

Women, and men, around the world are bombarded with images of all kinds of how their bodies should ideally look like. In my mind, this is just cruel.

We simply can not all look like super models, and what is even more important: we shouldn’t even try to look like that.

Eat healthy, but don´t overdo it, treat yourself from time to time with something like a scone for tea. Do sports but don´t exaggerate it just for the sake of a slimmer waistline. Do it, because it´s generally good for you to get some exercise. A walk in the park can even do the trick.

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38 thoughts on “6th of May – International No Diet Day

    1. Thank you, Lana! Ah well, I could also do with a pound or two less on my hips 😉 But it´s definitely not worth to worry myself sick about it and even less worth to refrain from lovely cakes and candy 😀

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  1. A little of what you fancy does you good, goes the song and I do believe it. What I believe even more strongly is that it is hugely important to embrace acceptance of who we are, and what we naturally look like. I said to someone at lunch time that no-one would think that they could make themselves the same height as me (6′) so why do they think it’s OK and normal to diet to a different shape or to have surgery to achieve a different face. We have done a grave wrong and it is time to embrace all the wonderful differences that make us humankind instead of being humanunkind and pointing critical fingers at those that don’t conform to whatever industry standard of shape is current. I am delighted to embrace National No Diet Day and I am delighted to continue embracing it EVERY day xxxxx

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    1. Thanks so much for your truly amazing and wonderful comment, Osyth!! I agree so much with you! It´s a strange time we live in that wants to command us to look similar all around without even the slightest chance of individuality. It makes me incredibly sad to see young girls who are already struggling with their hormonal changes, now having to struggle with all the imposed conformities of our society too. And your example of how impossible it is to change ourselves to a different height should really be copied down for all the other aspects of our appearances. Diversity is a wonderful treasure and so many are too ignorant and stupid to embrace it.
      And you´re right: No Diet Day should be every day!!! It certainly is for me too 😀 Much love! xxxxxxx

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  2. I agree! Making the effort to be healthy is always good, but life is way too short to never indulge in the treats that we love. Or to worry about trying to have whatever body type is currently deemed as “perfect.”

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    1. Thanks, Ann! I´m glad we agree on this! 🙂 Especially love your hinting at body types that are currently deemed as perfect – in the 17th century women who had a lot of curves were deemed as perfect, just have a look at any painting by Rubens 😉

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  3. No Diet Day is my kind of day! We aren’t going to match on the blogs today – I’m going with Dandelion Day (mostly because the proliferation of them around here is such that I can’t pass up the chance to make dandelion chains for Choppy and Schooner).

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  4. Such profound words Sarah! I completely agree with you! Balance is the key! What would we do without our sugary indulgences? It’s so important to listen to what our body is telling us. Some days I just can’t tolerate sweet foods & I just avoid it. Some days I want too much of it. I listen to that too;) Enjoyed reading this post:)
    Those scones look so delicious, I’m so tempted to make some now! I’m going to share your article on Twitter… this message needs to be read😊

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    1. It´s exactly the same with me, Divya! I try to listen to my body and so far it worked out well for me 🙂
      Thanks so much for liking my scones – and I would be glad to know that I´ve tempted you to making some yourself! 😉
      I´m not yet on Twitter myself but will have a look at your account – thanks so much for wanting to share my post and its message! 😀 You are the best! 😀
      Hugs&Love! xoxo

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  5. Very very good points! I am in a complete agreement with you here! Keeping things in balance in life in every which way is in and of itself a difficult act. Going extreme in either direction is not a good for you..

    Creme tea for me too please…. 🙂

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