Cards from Melissa

    Are you as fond of snail-mail as I am? My very dear friend Melissa over at “Inspiration in Focus” definitely is, and she had the wonderful idea to send hand-sketched cards this year to every subscriber of her blog! Just have a look at her lovely blog and the post where she writesContinue reading “Cards from Melissa”

The Shed

    I made this photograph last summer when I was on one of my many wanderings on the Tempelhofer Feld, the former airport right in the middle of Berlin. You can find all kind of structures still in place, between the bushes and the trees.  This shed seemed deserted and it was in factContinue reading “The Shed”


  Hello dear friends and fellow-bloggers! I need to apologize for my sudden and unannounced disappearance from the blogosphere a month ago. Most of you know that I had some trouble with inflamed arm tendons already a few weeks before that, and it is exactly this condition that led to my unplanned absence. The inflammationContinue reading “Apologies”