The Shed



A shed in the middle of the Tempelhofer Feld, former airfield in Berlin, Summer 2016


I made this photograph last summer when I was on one of my many wanderings on the Tempelhofer Feld, the former airport right in the middle of Berlin. You can find all kind of structures still in place, between the bushes and the trees. 

This shed seemed deserted and it was in fact fenced in, so I wiggled my camera through the fence (it´s only moments like this when I´m happy to have only a compact camera rather than a lovely reflex camera 😉 ) and made this shot. There´s no sign around explaining what its purpose might have been, but old romantic that I am, I had to think – yet again – of a poem by Robert Frost when I saw it.

It´s actually one of five poems grouped as a sequence called “The Hill Wife”. The poem I was reminded of was this:


House Fear

Always – I tell you this they learned –

Always at night when they returned

To the lonely house from far away

To lamps unlighted and fire gone gray,

They learned to rattle the lock and key

To give whatever might chance to be

Warning and time to be off in flight:

And preferring the out- to the in-door night,

They learned to leave the house-door wide

Until they had lit the lamp inside.

                                          – Robert Frost

38 thoughts on “The Shed

  1. If you are an old romantic then I’m a positively desiccating one! I love that poem and how perfectly it fits the image making me shiver with anticipation and a hint of fear all at once! Bon week-end ma belle amie! Xxxxxxx

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