Cards from Melissa


cards from Melissa

The two very beautiful hand-sketched cards made by my friend Melissa, now attached on my fridge, June 2017.


Are you as fond of snail-mail as I am?

My very dear friend Melissa over at “Inspiration in Focus” definitely is, and she had the wonderful idea to send hand-sketched cards this year to every subscriber of her blog! Just have a look at her lovely blog and the post where she writes about it, kindly follow her and send her your address – it´s as easy as that to get a unique and beautiful postcard that will brighten your day as much as it did mine when they arrived.

In fact these cards do that every time I go to the fridge because that´s where I put them 🙂

The cute goat – her name is Miss Maple –  that Melissa portrayed so wonderfully is an actual one as Melissa resides on a farm (Urban Eden Farm in Spokane, Washington). You can find out more about her, the other goats and all the lovely art projects Melissa is busy with on her blog!




54 thoughts on “Cards from Melissa

  1. Oh Sarah! What a wonderfully sweet post! It makes me so happy to see the cards a photo that are now living in your home on your fridge. What an amazing power of connection and I am so happy we connected here.

    Miss Maple is doing well….and she is HUGE! I will do a post about it very soon to update.

    Sending love your way!

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    • Hi Melissa! How lovely to see you back!! 🙂
      I´m so glad you liked my post 🙂 People just loved your idea of sending real cards and I hope they all wandered over to visit your blog! 😉
      So happy that Miss Maple is doing well – would love to see a photo from her again 🙂
      And I hope you´re doing well too and enjoy a beautiful summer! And how was sketchschool???
      Much love! 🙂


    • She´s really amazing, isn´t she? It´s so lovely when you converse with someone for so long on the internet and then finally held something in your hands that proofs the person really exists! She´s got lots of wonderful ideas and I´m always looking forward to the next one 😀

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  2. What an absolutely divine idea and even more divine that it Melissa actually acted on it. So lovely. Just so lovely. And now I’m off to discover more of her work. Thank you so much for the lead …. 😊 xxxxxxxxx

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    • It really is, isn´t it? She´s such a wonderful and impressively creative person, I´m so glad to have found her here on WP! I´m absolutely sure you will enjoy roaming through her blog just as much as I do!
      I´ve actually been thinking of doing the same thing someday (sending out handmade cards to all my WP friends, but am slightly horrified by all the time that would consume… But I did send her a card as well, and she said that she would write about that too 😉 So that´s a start 🙂 Maybe I get back to that idea a month or two before Christmas 😉
      Wish you a splendid and happy week! xxxxxxxxx

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      • Only do what you can do easily and without compromising your life and work. I am full of ambitious ideas which would have me working round the clock for months …. but it IS a wonderful idea! Xxxxxxxx And I am now following her … she is a delight! X

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      • I have so many notebooks filled with ideas that I will need to reach 100 to get them all done, I think 😉
        And I think I will definitely get back to this idea sometime later in the year 😉 😉

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      • I’m currently packing up my flat because my husband’s sabbatical is finished (news on my next move will follow when I’ve stopped running round like a headless chicken) and I have SO many notebooks and bits of paper and backs of envelopes covered in what to the naked eye looks like the ramblings of a mad woman and I can’t throw any of them away!!! 100 Notebooks would make a great title for an Exhibition … I Haven’t forgotten that yours is long overdue 😉 xxxxxxxxxx

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      • Hi Osyth! So sorry for the delay in my reply, had some trouble with bloody awful stomach cramps but been to the doctor now and it´s taken good care of now, so I can finally enjoy sitting at my Mac again 🙂
        I have to say, I don´t envy you for having to pack all your stuff – I remember you live in that beautiful place and planned to handcuff yourself to the heating system in order to prevent for having to move out – is that plan still an option? 😉 If so, I will happily supply you with anything you might need – croissants, cakes, maybe a little pig to keep you company… 😉
        I really, really love your idea for that exhibition title!!! Mind if I borrow it when the time comes? 🙂 Wish you lots of strength and energy for the packing! xxxxxxxxxxx

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      • Croissants, cakes and piggies … nothing more needed! The move is done. For now. And that’s the thing with life, really isn’t it … go with it a wise man once said to me and it really is the best way. You can’t borrow the title I’m afraid because I am giving it to you – my gift 😁 xxxxxxx

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      • Aww – you’re so sweet and generous! 😘😘😘 Thank you for that lovely gift!
        That man had it absolutely right! Hope you will now find some time to enjoy the rest of the summer! Here it’s raining dogs and cats but I don’t mind, the environment has been in much need for those rains and everything looks lush and green now! Hugs&Love! Xxxxxxxx

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  3. I’m with you on the snail mail. I have an album started to keep cards in sent from all my blogging friends and family. Many are hand made like Melissa’s cards for you. You just can’t toss them out. I keep everything. 🙂

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      • I miss it always. Would go back but my children are here. I don’t think I could afford to live there now. I’ve thought of going back for long enough to relearn the language. But I’m old now so…

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      • I understand, Iris. I often dream about how wonderful it would be to live somewhere else, and I hope I will someday, but I´m sure after a time one misses the place of his birth. I don´t know when you went to the US, but it probably has changed a lot here from since you were last in Germany. And I think you´re also right about it having become quite expensive too. The relearning though would very likely much easier than you anticipate – those things are just buried somewhere in your head, a little reactivation will be all that´s needed 🙂

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      • I went back several times. I was 4, almost 5 when we left the first time and I spoke primarily German but understood English. Went back again at 7 through 10 and then not again until late 90’s, 2000 and the last trip 2006 with my sister. She didn’t want to leave either but our children were here. When I took my mother back in 2000 for her last visit, she couldn’t figure out where all my words were coming from. She had forgotten so much but was ill and though my grammar was horrendous, I made myself understood quite well. It only took a week or so and it all came flooding back. But I never had the grammar to start with. My father spoke to me in English when I saw him and I answered in German. It’s a use it or lose it kind of thing. The dream of living somewhere else has lost it’s appeal for me. I have a list of 35 addresses I’ve had that I can remember. A good visit is all I have in me anymore. 🙂

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      • Wow, that´s a really long list of adresses! Most people wouldn’t´t manage half of it 😉
        I always think that as long you´ve got enough vocabulary you can get anywhere, grammar is something that comes with time if you stay long in enough in a place, and most people just appreciate it if you try at least to say “hello” “thank you” etc in their language. German grammar is quite a tough one compared to English though and I wouldn’t envy anyone learning it 😉
        And whenever you feel like sprinkle a German word or two in my direction, please feel free! 😀

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      • I agree that everyone was very gracious when I was willing to look quite stupid with my mangled German they were more willing to attempt to mangle their English. It was fun and I can’t say enough about the kindness I experienced. I have a German friend here that was going to try and help me with my skills. We both have way too much going on to get much accomplished. When moments arise, I do a tutorial to keep it fresher in my mind. You never know. 🙂

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      • You never do 😉
        It´s amazing how some countries welcome any foreigner who tries to speak their language and some don´t – here I´m especially thinking of France 😉 If you don´t speak French perfectly they prefer you to stay silent!! 😉 😀

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      • I appreciate the kind thought but I do not do awards. Thank you anyway. I’m barely getting time to read those I follow and write one of my own every couple of weeks. 😦 I finally put a note in the corner of my blog a couple of years ago that states that. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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