Some Impressions of My Week


Art before breakfast: my breakfast on Monday morning contained of oats, slices of banana, dates and walnuts. As you can see, I did this sketch before I added the milk to my muesli. 😉 (micron ink on paper, July 2017)


If you ever wondered what I do when I feel bored – this is it! I simply sketch everything that´s right before my eyes.

These sketches are some visual impressions of last week. They are not “Oh my God! What an awesome week you must have had!”-kind of sketches, but simply show you some of the everyday stuff that surrounds me.


This is my epiphyllum cactus that´s currently developing some buds and I hope to show you pictures of its stunningly beautiful flowers soon. As you can see, it rather has a head of its own, its many branches – except for one – opting all for the right side of my window sill. (micron ink on paper, July 2017)


The idea to sketch my food before I eat it is a rather new one and actually not one I had myself but kindly borrowed from the artist Danny Gregory. He writes awesome books that inspire people to get in touch with their creative side, one of them is actually called “Art Before Breakfast”. I can highly recommend it, although it really is quite tough to sit there and draw your breakfast when your tummy growls and wants you to finally tuck in 😉


There´s not always cake for tea but at least there was some lovely rose hip jam left 😉 (micron ink and water colors on paper, July 2017)


Danny Gregory´s also extremely good in encouraging people to just try and draw, because, you know, it actually isn´t that difficult. We all did it when we were kids and never lost a thought about it that the outcome might not be a perfect one. In fact all kids are extremely and admirably self-confident when it comes to drawing and that´s exactly what we as adults should get back to more often.


Some clothes need more time to dry than others… (micron ink on paper, July 2017)


And also, you don´t draw because you want to create beautiful art, that actually is rather a mere (and sometimes lucky) byproduct. It is most of all about getting lost in the moment, to focus on something else than all the things that are demanding your attention, to let loose and just be.

The moment you begin a drawing and actually concentrate only on the thing you want to draw, the pencil in your hand and the paper you put it on, is exactly the moment you begin to relax. It´s much easier than learning how to meditate and has the same effects!

So why don´t you just try and do some drawings this weekend? I promise you, it won´t hurt! And you might enjoy yourself more than you think possible 😉

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53 thoughts on “Some Impressions of My Week

      1. I´m delighted, Divya! The ingredients of this recipe are very few but it involves a lot of work!
        I had a look at Google and found this link to match my own way how to do it

        You can also put the rose hips for two days in the freezer and unfreeze them afterwards, that makes them very soft and you don´t have to cook them for so long.

        Wish you lots of fun cooking and hope you will keep me updated on the results! Much love! 🙂 xxx

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    1. Haha! Yes, it is indeed a little bit challenging for me too 😉
      And I already gave up on drawing lunch or supper – I really don´t want it to get cold! Maybe I will try and draw a salad soon, that should be on the safe side 😉
      And I think half-eaten food would also look quite good actually! Will try it soon!
      Have a lovely day, Sarah and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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      1. I came back to this one after seeing some sketches of my niece. She is like you, expressing herself through drawings 🙂 I just noticed your bunny mug in the one sketch and it makes me smile 🙂 Hope all is well, Miss G!

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      2. Aww – that´s so lovely to know! Hurray to a fellow sketcher! You´re niece must be totally awesome 😉
        The bunny mug is actually much, much nicer than what I managed to draw because it´s a Beatrix Potter mug from one of my favorite character by her, Benjamin Bunny 😀
        All is well with me, Christy, thank you for asking. Just a bit sad and not very talkative because last week one of my friends here on WP died – his name is Terry and his Blog is
        I knew it was coming but that didn´t make it stop hurting…
        Ah, well…
        I hope you´re well and enjoy the last weeks of a lovely late summer! xoxo ❤

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      3. I heard of Terry’s passing and it has certainly shaken the blog community.. I didn’t know him well but I am saddened by the loss of such a passionate soul. Do take care xo

        As for Beatrix Potter, I read many of her books in elementary school and remember Benjamin Bunny! I went to a reading of the late author’s works last year and it was wonderful as it included details of her life.

        Indeed, summer is drawing to a close. A new fall season of renewal awaits us. I send gentle hugs ♥

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      4. Thank you for your warm and understanding words, Christy! xxx

        How wonderful that you went to a reading about her late works! She was and still is such an inspiration to so many people, not only because of her wonderful books but also because of her work to protect the Lake Districts. I haven´t been there yet but I look forward to do so one day. 🙂

        Many gentle hugs back to you! Have a lovely weekend, my friend! xoxo ❤

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    1. Thanks so much, Patty! 🙂
      And you´re perfectly right about letting go wanting to be perfect! 😀 LOL!
      But to be honest, that´s actually easier than one might think. Take yesterday for example: I worked on a new painting 3 hours, erasing what I painted twice and now have to work on it again – but I was nevertheless completely relaxed and not one bit angry or disappointed with myself. It´s the process of the painting that´s the essential thing, if the result is lovely then of course I´m even more happy, if not, well, that´s also ok. But since I don´t have a deadline I can simply work on it as long as I like until I finally manage to make my vision come true on the canvas. 🙂
      Wish you a beautiful rest of the week, dear Patty! xxx

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      1. Yeah, I guess it depends on the goal one has in mind with his/hers art…and indeed, if there is not deadline it is much more relaxing to create.
        A fantastic week for you to dear Sarah! Big big hug! XxX

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  1. Lovely art pieces, Sarah… and healthy meals, I’m sure will definitely increase the creative juices! 😉 Wonderful ideas although that’s not my forte. It’s fun for those who enjoy this creativity and enjoy your talent Sarah, thanks too for sharing… happy week and sketching! 😃 💕 🎨

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    1. Thanks so much, Iris! 🙂
      You don´t need a brush and watercolors – all you need are your beautiful words to create the most wonderful pieces of art that in turn evoke the most gorgeous pictures in your readers head!
      Have a fabulous week! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you very much, Rose! It’s really the best of fun! 😄
      Mmmh, almond milk – so yummy! And healthy too!
      The buds are growing won’t be long now 😉 Also love porcupine plants – and porcupine themselves! 😁
      Have an awesome week! 😘💕

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  2. I love these sketches, Sarah! It is so everyday life that we treasure when we look back years from now. At least, that’s how I think of it as I have gotten older. I was doing drawing tutorials on YouTube that I loved, and I was so surprised that they came out ok (for someone with no skill in that area). I haven’t been able to do it for months, but I’m going to try to get back to it! I think creativity makes us happier. Thanks for this wonderful and inspirational post. xo

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    1. Thanks so much, Lana! 😄
      I agree that it’s the little things we learn to treasure and hold dear as we get older. Time seems to change our perspective on things and I think that’s a good thing 😄
      Those drawing tutorials sound like a lot of fun and I think it would be perfect for you right now to get back to it – and I’m totally unsurprised that the results came out ok – artistic people have so many talents that they only need to discover. Your ability to draw characters in your writing comes surely from your ability to look at things and people more clearly and that’s exactly what you do when you draw 😄 We don’t just watch, we observe, we scrutinize, we pull out the important threads of things, may they be stories or else, and then we put them back together.
      And I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with you that creativity makes us happier!!! It really really does 😄
      Have a very lovely and creative week! Much love! 😄

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  3. Sounds very good idea.. This reminds me of my young age (around 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades), I loved to draw with pencil. Not much of sketching but drawing cartoon characters that I like the time. You post makes me want to try it again 🙂

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    1. Thank you! And I think you should definitely get back to it when you have the time! Actually – just take the time and just do it! 😉 It´s really wonderful and five minutes or so is all needs to make you feel good. And why not try and do some sketches of those cartoon characters? I did it all the time when I was a kid too, my favorites to draw were Donald Duck, Dagobert Duck and Micky Mouse! 😀
      Have fun being creative!


  4. I haven’t done any drawing since I was a teenager…maybe I need to have a go at it again. 😊
    Thanks for sharing your art, Sarah. It’s always enjoyable. 💜

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    1. Thank you very much, Cathy! I´m glad you enjoyed it! And I think you should definitely give it a go – it´s never to late to have a new love affair with art in all its many forms 😀
      Have a wonderful weekend! ❤

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  5. I loved meandering through your pictorial week. I can’t draw but as part of my anti anxiety regime my husband brought me a sketchbook and pencils and charcoal for my birthday. The results are what they are but I find the process to be freeing and calming. I like this idea of drawing simply what is in front of me. I shall. Have a beauteous weekend xxxxxxx

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    1. Thanks so much, Osyth! 🙂
      From what you tell, I really like your husband – he´s a genius! (And not only when it comes to astrophysics I´m sure 😉 ) What a very lovely and thoughtful gift he made you! And I´m so glad you find the same things I do when I´m drawing – this peace and calmness that washes over you is so easy to achieve and virtually free of charge – unlike some very very expensive meditation centers in our cities 😉
      I really think you would enjoy reading some of the books Danny Gregory wrote, and I´m going to send you a link to a youtube video where he demonstrates his art before breakfast very lovely – it´s extremely inspiring to watch (also makes you hungry 😉 ). But I´m sending you the link in an extra comment because sometimes comments can get spammed when you include a link and this way you know what´s coming and can have a look in your spam folder if it doesn’t come through 😉
      Have an amazing and inspiring weekend! xxxxxxxxx

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    1. Thanks so much, Terry! 😄 It really is so relaxing and frees the mind enormously. Also it’s nice to know that even if you spent only 10 minutes with a drawing, you’ve been creative on that particular day, and that’s sometimes all I need to feel good 😄
      Wish you a happy weekend too my friend!!! 😄😘💕

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  6. I think drawing your breakfast would make you more mindful of what you are eating. Drawing was not in my repertoire of accomplishments as a child. It was firmly discouraged. I am enjoying your drawings. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Marlene! And you´re definitely right with that, it does make me more mindful of what I´m eating – though maybe not in a healthy way, as I begin to think about arranging some visually more attractive breakfasts containing of bacon etc. 😉 Haha! 😀
      I´m so sad to hear that you´ve been discouraged from drawing in your childhood – that´s really terrible in my mind and also quite unreasonable, drawing is such a healthy way of expressing oneself. I hope that you will find some time in the future to give it a try now that no ones going to stop you from doing it. It is never to late, Marlene, and with your creative and artistic mind I just know that you will love it and have the best of fun! A friend of my mom is actually learning to draw now that she´s retired, she never had the time or mind for it before, and she loves it!
      Have a very lovely weekend!

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