The Bowl on the Laundry Basket


The Bowl on the Laundry Basket Kopie

The Bowl on the Laundry Basket – inspired by my dear friend Annika (micron ink and water color on paper, Oct. 2017)


I´m sure you will all agree with me when I say that even if we first thought that with blogging it would be all about ourselves, we learn very fast that actually it´s all about connections, friendships and learning from others.

For me blogging is also very much about inspiration – both, about the one I might evoke in others, but especially about the inspiration I get from my fellow bloggers and friends.

A wonderful example for this is the drawing I did this weekend –

My dear friend Annika over at Annika Perry´s Writing Blog wrote in one of her latest post “CHIPPING AWAY!” wonderfully about the sometimes arduous process of editing her first novel and how it influences her and her family´s everyday life on many levels.

Even when she´s not actually sitting at her computer, her novel is never far from her mind, and so, one day, when her son came home from school and found a breakfast bowl sitting peacefully on the laundry basket, he cautiously asked her why this was the case. Undoubtedly he suspected it was a fundamental and important part of that unfathomable process called writing. Which in a way, wasn´t far from the truth, since it was indeed the sign that a new editing idea had struck Annika´s mind in-between rooms.

I had to laugh so much when I read this, and vividly imagined the whole scene. It also made me want to draw this peculiar still life and that´s why I asked her to make a picture the next time something similar happened.

You can imagine my surprise and joy when I found an email in my inbox one day later with an attached picture showing said bowl on the basket!

Although Annika´s laundry basket actually stands in her bath room, she went to all the trouble to put the whole ensemble in her lovely garden to make this photograph for me from which then I could make a drawing.

Isn´t this a wonderful example of interaction, friendship and the power of inspiration?

Thank you so much for inspiring me, Annika! 🙂





104 thoughts on “The Bowl on the Laundry Basket

  1. This is a very inspiring story of what blogging is all about! You are so talented Sarah. Such a lovely woman. You do inspire me. A lot. Keep up the good work. -Dominique


  2. Yes, connections, and ideas and images bouncing back and forth. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the bowl on the basket was, “Ah, it’s going to fall off”. That then brought to mind my current situation, spending a rainy weekend in a small hotel room. I have been balancing cups of tea on small arm rests, etc. while trying to read (books, blogs, etc.), wondering when I will become engrossed in the internal world of reading such that I forget the physics of balancing a cup of tea… -Oscar

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    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Oscar!
      Annika planted the bowl firmly on the basket in her photo so it´s entirely my fault that it looks it might come down any second 😉 😀
      Oh yes! I know the difficulties of placing things in small hotel rooms! It´s like whoever has invented them, wanted for people to having trouble with it! Ah well…
      Wish you a wonderful day!

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  3. this is an awesome example of the interaction we share here – and guess what – it gets even better for me because I read that post too – ((and sometimes we do not always share the same posts – ya know) and so I loved the art but then when i read how it unfolded – cool that!

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Robbie! 🙂 And incidentally you have mentioned one of my favorite illustrators and story tellers – I just love Beatrix Potter and feel so honored that my little sketch reminded you of her!
      Have a very lovely day! Sarah 🙂

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  4. I love your sketches, Sarah. It is those little, ordinary things that occur in life that remind us of the beauty of passing days and family life and the gifts of a moment in time. I can picture Annika, excited about her upcoming book, getting caught up and leaving her cereal bowl on the basket. I also adore my WordPress friends and have likewise been inspired by many of them. We have such a great community here. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and finding creative inspiration at every turn!

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    • Thank you so much, Lana! 🙂 The more I sketch those seemingly ordinary things, the more I begin to appreciate the beauty of them. 😀
      Imagining Annika being so excited and bubbling over with ideas has been such a lovely inspiration and I love how it expressed itself in her normal everyday life where things are always expected to run smoothly and without hindrance. 😉 It shows that creativity is such an enormous force that doesn’t really care what side effects it produces. 😀
      Wish you a beautiful week with lots of wonderful creative energy! Much love! 🙂 xxxxx ❤

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  5. Such a simple idea but so effective. Again your drawing is fabulous.. Isn’t it great where we find our inspiration to create something wonderful? Much love. Have a great weekend Sarah 🙂 xx

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  6. I love this story! The interaction between bloggers really surprised me when I first began blogging, and it has been a very happy surprise. I had no idea that I would make blogging friends who would inspire my posts and who would inspire me with their posts. Your story is the perfect example of that. And thanks for being one of my blogging friends, too!

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    • Thank you so much, Ann! And thank you for being my friend too! 😀
      It´s indeed a wonderful surprise, one of the best, that blogging has brought to so many of us. We are a lucky bunch of happy bloggers and friends! 🙂
      Happy Blogging and Writing! Here´s to inspiration and friendship! 🍾

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  7. I get goose bumps all over from the joy of sharing, connecting, listening, enjoying, BEING with each other in the blogosphere. I think the ‘bowl on the laundry basket’ is a great metaphor of our writing life. Kudos to Annika for writing about it, and to Sarah for drawing it in such a beautiful way. We bloggers are SO lucky to have each other. xo

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    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Pam! 😀
      And I couldn’t agree more: we bloggers certainly are SO lucky to have each other! 😀
      So glad we have met and thank you for your visit! Have a lovely day! Sarah xo

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  8. That does sound like Annika. I am always joyful reading her thoughtful comments. I don’t know how she has time but she makes it. This is a gorgeous picture. There’s a lot more there than a simple laundry task.

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  9. This was a delight to read, Sarah. You hit the nail on the head about blogging. It is the greatest pleasure to feel inspired by others and to give inspiration in return. Friendships grow. And the coffee cup on the laundry basket? Much like my keys in the refrigerator. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Sharon! I think there´s much beauty to be found in the everyday things that surround us mostly unnoticed and hope to catch some of them in my drawings. Annika´s story was a perfect gift for me and I´m so grateful for her friendship!
      Have a very lovely day! Sarah 🙂

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  10. This is so sweet! I loved Annika’s Chipping Away post, and this lovely drawing brings to mind the distraction one’s writing can bring to the day. I haven’t left a bowl on a laundry basket–I’m more likely to leave car keys in the refrigerator or dirty laundry in the pantry 😀

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and visit, Julie! 🙂
      And I had to laugh so much when I read that you accidentally leave your car keys in the refrigerator or your dirty laundry in the pantry! 😀 What fun those writing gods must have watching over all those distracted and busy writers! 😀
      Have a lovely day! Sarah 🙂

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  11. Lovely drawing and thoughts, I did not realize when I started blogging I would meet so many wonderful people, maybe you’ll sketch an event of my life one day, I would get as emotional as Annika 😉

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  12. What a beautiful inspiration and I agree with you Sarah…we do get inspiration from each other and a friend like Annika surely sits creatively on my brow…her stories, her lyrical prose and the warmth that her words exude is really special.
    An artist is bound to draw such a lovely bowl and I appreciate your creative concept of laundry basket being full…it has to be, keeping in mind what Annika shared in her last post! 🙂
    Many thanks for adding a smile to my face this morning. Stay blessed!

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    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment and visit, Balroop! 😀
      It´s one of the most wonderful things I´ve encountered here since I started blogging – the sheer endless supply of friendship, support and inspiration.
      I´m so glad you like the drawing and that my post made you smile! 😀
      Have a beautiful day and a wonderful week! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and visit, Lori! 😀
      It´s been such a joy to make this drawing and I´m so grateful for all the inspiration and support my fellow bloggers provide me with!
      Have a wonderful day! Sarah 🙂

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  13. It is so beautiful and wonderful to connect with others. I love your rendition of the laundry basket with bowl on top. It brought back to mind my mother’s laundry basket of wicker which she left out after hanging the laundry up in our Sturbridge house. Only, we did not have a bowl on top. No, a snake decided it was a warm and cozy place to crawl in and curl up. It was never discovered with all the laundry on top and brought into the house. As we watched television, my mother suddenly uttered a shriek. She tossed the laundry into the air as my father took care of the snake. Every time is see a small ax, I remember many a snake he carried out in two pieces to put into the forest. You evoked many childhood memories from Massachusetts. Thank you for such a lovely post.

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and visit, Mary Ann! 😀
      And thank you also for sharing your wonderful story about your mother´s laundry basket! I don´t know what I would do if I ever found one in mine – probably run into the woods and never come back! 😉 😀 Which of course, would be quite counterproductive 😉
      Was it a poisonous one your mother found in the basket? So glad your father took care of it and all the others!
      Wish you a very lovely week! Sarah 🙂

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  14. I love the image of the boy pondering 🤔 and the truth that it was a simple case of inspiration striking and everything else goes to pot … Familiar, all too familiar!! Xxxxx PS: It’s a lovely drawing too. But yours always are X

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  15. Hi Sarah
    Beautiful sketch! The little flowers, the basket itself… it’s all perfect and races my mind to a lovely little garden housing that breakfast bowl. And I loved reading this article . You’re so right about your thoughts on blogging. I had assumed it would just be a way for meto express myself. I had no idea that in the process I would meet wonderful people like you who inspire me. ❤️ Have a great week ahead😊xx

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    • Thank you so much, Divya!! 😀 All those friendships with so wonderful people like you are indeed the best thing blogging brought to me! ❤ I would never have thought I would one day make a sketch of someone else´s laundry basket and that it would be so much fun! 😀
      Wish you a beautiful and creative week! Much love! xxx ❤

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  16. Thank you Sarah for your lovely and fun drawing. You are talented!
    I so agree with you that we inspire each other on our various blogs and you have shown that in the most generous way.

    Like so many I read Annika’s “Chipping Away” and it was great. Your rendition of the event with her son and the bowl in the bathroom is perfect.
    I really enjoyed it.

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Miriam! I am so happy you like the post and the drawing! 😀
      The friendships and inspiration I found through blogging are one of the most wonderful things that have happened to me. It has opened my mind to so many new things and possibilities – my gratefulness for this is beyond measure. 🙂
      Now I can only hope that the muses will visit dear Annika soon again in-between rooms 😉
      Have a lovely day! Sarah

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  17. Bless you, Sarah, I’m both smiling and crying..touched to tears by your wonderful post, drawing and words. ❤️

    I can’t believe you went to all this effort, the drawing is delightful and dreamy with your unique deft light flair! Who knew my laundry basket would ever be a model?! 😀😀

    You capture the wonders of blogging perfectly in your post…your first paragraph summing up my experience exactly-the friendships here are at the heart of the blogging experience…your post today has made my day!!! You’ve given me such a lift you have no idea…warmest thanks, dear friend.

    Here’s to interaction, friendship & inspiration! 🍸🍸

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    • I am so, so happy you like the drawing, Annika!!! 😀 And never underestimate the modeling career simple things like laundry baskets might have in store 😉 😀

      It´s been such a delight and pleasure to do this – your picture brought me a lovely creative push I needed! Although drawing is one of the things I love doing the most, it sometimes seems impossible to find the time during a busy day. But in fact, there should always be time for things like that, even if it´s only for 15 minutes or so.
      Without even knowing it, you indeed helped me very much with your lovely email and picture! 🙂
      So I´m thanking you again, my dear friend! 🙂

      This has been such a wonderful experience and now I can only hope that another editing idea might struck you soon in-between rooms 😉

      Have a wonderful day full of creativity and love! xxxxxxx ❤ 🙂

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