Pulled From the Archives: In the Mood for… William Turner


Here comes another post pulled from my archives!

In fact, it is the very first post I published on WordPress. It shows, that although my blog started in July 2015, the project that stands behind it – which is me making art – actually began half a year earlier. And to be even more precise: it started on the second Christmas Day in 2014.

It was then that I first pulled all my courage together – and believe me, after not having painted anything since being a child, it did take some courage! – and sat down at my easel to paint my first acrylic-on-canvas painting. I painted for about two hours and simply let the brush decide where it wanted to go.

It´s quite an untypical abstract painting for me and yet in my eyes at least, it really isn´t.

This is what I wrote on 31 July 2015:


In the Mood for… William Turner

I actually – and secretely – started this project last winter, when I buried myself in a book about Impressionism and became aware of my deeply hidden wish to be able to paint just like the great painters, whom I´ve already admired for years.

This desire has become quite overwhelming at this point and so I finally gave in and bought some acrylic paint and a couple of canvases. My first painting was thus inspired by William Turner (1775-1851), that wonderful english romanticist, whose paintings I´ve admired in the National Gallery in London a couple of years ago. Unlike him though, I chose to paint simply in black-and-white – and I´m not entirely sure why I did.



In the Mood for… William Turner, Dec. 2014 (acrylic on canvas).


67 thoughts on “Pulled From the Archives: In the Mood for… William Turner

  1. I had the exact perception of your painting as D. Wallace Peach. First, it seems to me like a breast of a woman and then a galaxy. I like the link between these two images too! Beautiful painting, Sarah. Very brave of you to start with a black and White. I guess there is a link with your passion for photography? Whatever it is, it works… The result is original and brings deep feelings. Really like the texture and how you managed to create light within the dark. I also like the idea of pulling early work from your archives. Might do the same with some of my posts. It is nice to see how much we have grown and to share those posts that were read only by a few (in my case at least). Good work, Sarah.

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    • Thank you very much, Dominique!
      It´s so funny that you see the same thing as Diana, because I have to admit, that I don´t! 😀 But that´s the beauty of art, it means something different to each person and all impressions are right.
      And yes, I think the B/W was because of my love for old photography which I´ve studied at the time.
      I think pulling earlier posts from your archives is a wonderful way to share them with your ever-growing community of followers and I look very much forward to yours should you decide to do it!
      Have a fantastique week! xoxo ❤

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      • When I read Diana’s comment I thought it was funny too that we both saw the same thing… I have to check this girl’s blog. She might be my twin sister! I love your painting and the fact that it is in B/W makes it very unique. Yes, I will be pulling earlier posts from my archives… I’m thinking right now how I want to present them. One at a time like you did or do a post with a few and links? Don’t know yet. Take care Sarah. Great week to you as well. Got to go browsing Diana’s and Annika’s blog as I promised I would do. xoxo

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  2. Very nice, Sarah. Sometimes all we need is a starting point to tackle the great, white canvas. I’m glad you motivated yourself to do it. It is beautiful and mysterious at the same time. Much holiday love to you again 😀


  3. I’m so glad you found the courage you needed, Sarah, and that you also shared this from a few years ago. I love color, its various hues and emotions, but I also love what b & w offers. This is absolutely mesmerizing! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Hugs xo

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    • Thank you so much, Lauren! I also love color but sometimes b/w is the right thing to express oneself or to emphasize structure and texture, especially in photography I think.
      Wishing you and your family a beautiful, peaceful and Merry Christmas and creative New Year! Love and hugs! xoxo 💕💗🎄🎁🎀

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  4. Wonderful painting, Sarah. Black and white is emotionally empowering because it invites the viewer to respond, sometimes more than with color. B and W demands encounter. (Though I still adore color in paintings and photos. )


  5. Sarah, I’m so happy you reposted this!! Wow!!! This painting is fantastic, draws me into its pure white centre. It’s stunning and hypnotic. The black and white is so much more than justs that – a wonderful sense of richness and texture. This is a take on one of my favourite artists – his work in real life is mesmerising and I can well understand that they had a huge impact on you.

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    • Thank you so much, Annika! 😀 This means so much to me! With everything I do, but especially with paintings, I feel that there´s always a tiny piece of my soul that goes into the painting…
      Ahh, Turner… I could literally spend hours looking at his paintings, they are just so wonderful! I´ve heard that he used to make tiny scratches in the paint that somehow created the illuminating effect in his paintings. He´s one of my very favorite artists as well! 🙂 xxx

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  6. I remember your early posts. It was always interesting to see where your inspiration came from. You works were inspired but they always had their own character xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  7. I really like this painting, and that you’re sharing these parts of the past. I would never think to paint in monochrome like this (I don’t even take b&w photos much), but it really encourages focus on texture and form. Hope things are going well. Sending hugs xxxxx 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Su! I think the monochromatic style of my painting is partly caused by me studiying early photography around that time. 😉 I simply was curious if it would work out and luckily it did.
      Things are quite hectic around here what with elbowing my way through the supermarkets but this is perfectly normal at this time of year. 😂 Hugs&kisses! 😄 xxxxxxx

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      • Hope you managed to get everything you needed at the supermarket. I gave up a couple of days ago when I couldn’t even get into the carpark, but luckily I was up early yesterday and managed to get most of the shopping done before it got too manic. Big hugs xxxxx 🙂

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      • Most of it! People here always act as if it’s the end of the world around holidays, just awful. Takes a lot to keep one’s calm and even a slight sense of christmassy feelings, right? 😂 What are you going to have for Christmas dinner? I hope you make some pics! 😄 xxxxxxx

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      • It is totally crazy! Here the shops will only be closed for about 36 hours, but judging by the contents of some of the supermarket trolleys I’ve seen, people are expecting some sort of retail apocalypse. 🙂
        We traditionally have a really posh, multi-course Xmas Eve dinner — just the Big T, the boy-child and I. Usually we’ve had to do the rounds of relatives on Xmas Day, so we get in first with the kind of food we like to eat!!
        This year I’ve more or less put my foot down and told everyone that all I want for Xmas is the day off. At this stage, we’re planning a simple breakfast with our pressies, maybe another brunch with some very chilled-out cousins and the rest of the day off. The boy-child is going to his (I think girlfriend??)’s family lunch and T and I are considering a beach picnic. If anyone still wants food in the evening they can make it themselves. Christmas Eve dinner is my production number and I’ll be exhausted after that.
        What are your plans??? xxxxxx 🙂

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      • Oh great, just send an unfinished message!
        Anyway, I’ve done all my shopping yesterday and today is a day off – hurrah! I’m planning to spent it with reading as many books as I can! I felt quite deprived of this lately.
        I can imagine you so well doing a posh multi-course dinner but I’m so glad that you put your foot down and have a day off as well. We’re not going to have a very christmassy dinner this year due to recent events and to not feeling very christmassy at all. So I’ve prepared a favourite dish of my mum’s and I which is a recipe founded by my maternal grandfather who had travelled the world a bit in his days and was always open to new and different cultures and tastes. We call it Chinese stew which very likely it isn’t because once I invited a Chinese friend of mine to eat and she said it’s not 😉 But it does have a lot of Chinese ingredients and looks very Asian at least and it tastes just fantastic! We’re not doing it very often, only about once a year around whichever holidays we like to have it then. It takes an awful lot of preparation time but once you’ve done it you only need to reheat it and serve with rice. It will last for about a week in the fridge but usually is finished before that time. I also freeze some portions of it so let’s say about three days for two people which covers the holidays very nicely. Oh my! Now I’ve rambled quite a lot about it! 😂
        So glad to hear that the boy-child has got himself a girlfriend!! 😊
        Ah, beach picnic on Christmas sounds wonderful! but I do wonder- do you ever miss cold temperatures around this time of year or has it simply become second nature to you? Xxxxxxxx 😄

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      • I hope you managed to get lots of reading done. I have a stash of books that I’m hoping to get through in the next week or so.
        I love Asian flavours in food, and I love food that can be re-heated or frozen. Such a good way to cook!!!
        I do miss it being cold at Christmas. When we lived in the UK it was very easy to get into the whole Christmas tradition, because of course, it’s designed for winter. The food makes sense, the iconography makes sense and gathering lots of people together in small rooms makes sense when it’s cold outside.
        I know people here who slavishly cook turkey and ham and Christmas pudding in kitchens that are already hot before you turn the oven on, and who serve that food to people who are sweating and grumpy because it’s so humid. I just can’t do that!
        My parents “sold” moving to New Zealand to me as a kid by telling me I could open my Christmas presents on the beach. Apparently the bribe was because when they said we were moving to NZ, I had told them “no thanks” and asked my aunt if I could stay with her (I was about 5). Naturally, I never did get to open my Xmas presents on the beach, and now that it’s within my power to do so, I can’t be bothered.
        Anyway, I hope you and your Mum have a peaceful day with your delicious-sounding food (I’d love the recipe sometime).
        xxxxxxx 🙂


      • I finished a Jack Reacher novel today and feel pretty smug about it! Next book please! 😄
        I feel with those poor souls having to eat turkey, ham and Christmas pudding under your weather conditions – can’t be nice. I would rather suggest some lovely seafood, preferably some tiger prawns and whatever goes with it. 😄
        And I’m going to include the recipe in my next email!
        Have a wonderful Christmas Eve! Xxxxxxx 😄

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      • I’ve spent the last couple of days reading and am almost ready to get back out into the real world for a change. 🙂
        I had bbq salmon and salads for Xmas Dinner, with a vegan chocolate cheesecake and raspberry sorbet for dessert. All cooked by T’s cousin — so double yay for not having to prepare any meals on Xmas Day.
        I’m feeling so full of rich food that I think the next few days may be an experiment in simple (preferably vegan) food for me.
        Stay warm.
        xxxxxxx 🙂

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      • Your Xmas dinner sounds so lovely! And double lovely because you didn’t have to prepare it 😉 I totally get the notion of feeling full after the holidays! I think I won’t eat anything with meat the next weeks too and hope you’ll share some of your vegan recipes! 😄 xxxxxxxxxx


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